RVD Talks WWE Contract Status, How WWE Has Changed, Drug Testing, Current Favorites

Source: Sam Roberts

"So before, it seemed like when I was there before, it seemed like I never slept. Like the whole time I was trying to chase a full night's sleep. This time that wasn't an issue at all. A lot of it is because they're more lenient on things like that, on the call time. And with seniority I think even more lenient because with some of the guys that are wanting to make a good impression, I'm kind of like, not that I'm not wanting to make a good impression, I'm kind of past that."

Who does he like that's new: "Many. There's many. I'm not sure if I've worked with some of the guys or not. Kofi's awesome. Justin Gabriel's awesome. One of my favorites is uh, see I've only been gone like two and a half weeks and I'm already forgetting some of their names, Cesaro. I watched WWE like a week a two before I made my debut to familiarize myself with some of the guys there. Right away I was like this Cesaro dude is awesome. He's so talented. Then when you get to know how much respect he has for the other boys, being one of the strongest guys in the company. I didn't get to wrestle with him either."

You can check out the whole interview above.

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