Views From The Turnbuckle: A Short History Of MITB Cash-Ins

CM Punk cashes in on Jeff Hardy-Extreme Rules 2009

The flip side of Punk. While we got face CM Punk cashing in on a beaten Edge, we get heel CM Punk cashing in on a beaten Jeff Hardy. Punk won the briefcase for the second year in a row at Wrestlemania 25, and he hastily utilized it at the very next PPV. While all the other cash-ins (except for RVD) had been quick finishing moves and then pinfalls, Hardy surprised fans by kicking out of the GTS and almost scoring with a roll-up. This match lacked the overall shock factor of Punks first cash in, but the surprise of Hardy almost pulling the match out made up for it.

Jack Swagger cashes in on Chris Jericho-Smackdown April 2nd, 2010

Living proof that any cash-in can be exciting, no matter who the participants may be, Jack Swagger cashed in his MITB contract just two days after winning it at Wrestlemania 26. Swagger had an absolutely terrible run as a champion, but you know what? Swagger cashing in his contract was STILL a very exciting moment, which is a true testament to how fantastic of an idea the MITB contract really is.

Kane cashes in on Rey Mysterio-Money in the Bank 2010

The first and only man to cash in the contract on the same night he won it, Kane reclaimed world title status for the first time in twelve years when he defeated Rey Mysterio. I think this is an underrated cash-in, if only because I think that Kane has a great entrance for surprises. It was also funny to see someone like Kane utilize the MITB contract to take advantage of someone as small as Rey.

The Miz cashes in on Randy Orton-Raw November 22nd, 2010

Similar to the Jack Swagger situation, The Miz did not have the most illustrious title reign, but even so, his title cash in was still very exciting. Randy Orton was a crap face champion anyways, so I commend the WWE for giving a different type of guy like The Miz the champion.

Alberto Del Rio cashes in on CM Punk-Summerslam 2011

I am a big fan of this cash-in, just because everything was so surprising. After a very good title defense against John Cena, Punk was laid out by Kevin Nash of all people, and out came ADR to claim his first WWE Championship. MITB should be all about surprises, and seeing Nash come out and ADR cashing in was certainly a surprise. Now, ADR turned out to be a bad heel champion, and Kevin Nash ended up being part of a god-awful feud with not CM Punk, but Triple H, but for that one night, everything went down perfectly.

Daniel Bryan cashes on The Big Show-TLC 2011

The precursor to Daniel Bryan becoming a top face in the WWE title picture, Bryan won the WHC against The Big Show after Show had just defeated Mark Henry for the WHC. The cash-in was pretty surprising, since both Bryan and Show were faces at the time and Bryan had stated that he wanted to hold onto the MITB until Wrestlemania. Bryan turning heel and winning the title really helped establish himself as a character in the WWE, and was surely very influential on his popular face run in 2013.

John Cena cashes in on CM Punk-Raw 1000, July 23rd, 2012

Cena became the first man to lose his MITB cash-in match, and to be honest, it had to happen. The possibility that someone could lose their cash-in match needed to be established, although it was far from clean. Cena announced in advance that he would be cashing in his contract at Raw 1000, a move that only RVD had ever done. Cena would win the match when Big Show interfered, causing a disqualification, though of course, he did not win the WWE Championship. The match is more famous for CM Punk turning on The Rock anyways, so I like to pretend that this match never really happened.

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