Views From The Turnbuckle: A Short History Of MITB Cash-Ins

Dolph Ziggler cashes in on Alberto Del Rio-Raw April 8th, 2013

Outside of Edge's original cash-in, this is my favorite cash-in moment. The idea of having an IWC favorite win the WHC in front of the most IWC heavy crowd (the night after WM) was nothing short of brilliant by the WWE. Also, the way the WWE had been booking Ziggler, it made it seem that there was a real chance that the WWE would have Ziggler lose his cash-in match, especially because ADR put up quite a fight during the match. In the end. Ziggler would win the title and the crowd would become unglued in what was one of my personal favorite moments from 2013 so far.

Randy Orton cashes in on Daniel Bryan-Summerslam 2013

After capturing his first WWE title, Bryan would immediately lose the title to Randy Orton, who cashed in his shot after Triple H pedigreed Bryan. Similar to the CM Punk/ADR cash-in, at the moment this cash-in happened, everything seemed good. However, we would see later that the booking department in the WWE would drop the ball on both storylines.

Damien Sandow cashes in on John Cena-Raw October 28th, 2013

It is really early to say so, but probably my least favorite cash-in match. Sandow had been booked as a complete loser heading into the cash-in, while Cena had just "overcome" the odds once again to win the WHC at Hell in a Cell. Despite Cena heavily selling his injured arm, he still pinned the perfectly healthy Sandow. Like I said, it is early, but I really do not see how Sandow can recover after blowing his chance to a one-armed man.

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