Views From The Turnbuckle: A Short History Of MITB Cash-Ins

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After a wild and controversial cash-in by Damien Sandow, I thought it would be a good idea to recap all of the Money in the Bank cash-ins in the WWE's history. The cash-in of the briefcase is constantly one of the most entertaining things that can happen in wrestling these days, and if there is one thing that can get eyes glued to the television screen, it is the cash-in of the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Edge cashes in on John Cena-New Years Revolution 2006

The first ever cash in and still the best. When Edge won the contract at Wrestlemania 21, the actual power of the contract was still somewhat of a mystery. The briefcase did not just simply guarantee a title shot, if utilized properly, it guaranteed a title victory. Edge held on to the contract for so long that we basically forgot that he had it. Sure, he carried the briefcase around with him, but it was just a simple black briefcase, a far cry from the neon red briefcase that the superstars lug around today. Because of the way Edge utilized the contract (taking advantage of a weakened Cena after a particularly brutal Elimination Chamber match) and because we did not know how powerful the contract could be, combined with the sheer length Edge held the briefcase for without cashing it in (his 280 days is still the longest anyone has held the briefcase for), Edge forever established himself as THE man when it came to MITB.

Rob Van Dam cashes in on John Cena-One Night Stand 2006

A worthy successor to Edge's cash-in, RVD announced beforehand that he was going to cash-in his contract at One Night Stand. Unlike Edge, RVD's cash-in was not the lightning quick match and title change, but instead had a build-up leading to the main-event at One Night Stand. What made the cash-in special was the atmosphere that it took place in. The crowd at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City was one of the best wrestling atmospheres ever, and the way they treated both RVD and John Cena was so radically different than the typical WWE crowd at the time, was what separated this match from virtually every single other match in WWE history.

Edge cashes in on The Undertaker- Smackdown May 8th, 2007

After Mr. Kennedy lost the MITB to Edge on Raw the previous evening, Edge quickly capitalized on the champion Undertaker, who had just fought a cage match and was subsequently attacked by Mark Henry, becoming the first man to cash-in the MITB contract twice. The handling of this one was very strange, and that kept it from having the real magic that the previous two cash-ins had. Kennedy had the briefcase taken off of him because it was believed that he had a torn triceps muscle, which ended up being a mis-diagnosis, so the WWE gave the contract to Edge and just one night later, Edge cashed-in. This one lacked the build-up and therefore the drama of the first two, which ended up lowering the standards for MITB cash-ins.

CM Punk cashes in on Edge-Raw June 30th, 2008

Edge became the victim of his own strategy, when CM Punk cashed in his contract on a weakened Edge, who had been beaten down by Batista. This was Punk's first full-episode of Raw, as he had been drafted to Raw just the previous week. Punk was still a relative newcomer to the WWE at this time, so to see him win the World Heavyweight Championship was a pretty big deal. Punk winning the WHC, which had currently been a Smackdown title, also shook up the WWE as for a time, the WHC was moved to Raw.

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