WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Punk And Bryan Stand Tall, Big Show Is Back, More

Winners: The Bella Twins and Eva Marie

- Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are heading to the ring as we go to commercial.

- Back from the break and Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper is announced for SmackDown.

- We go to the ring and out comes Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. They call Big Show out to the ring and here he comes smiling. Triple H isn't happy at all.

Stephanie says they have all agreed to settle without lawyers. Stephanie asks Show what he wants. He wants a broom so Stephanie can hop on it and fly back to Connecticut. Triple H gets closer to Show and says if they want to trade jokes, he can go with the best of them. Triple H asks Show how big the check needs to be. Show says it's not about money. It's about him doing what he was meant to be, being the best at something, being in WWE and performing in front of people. Show just wants his job back. Triple H mocks him. Triple H goes to tell him to shove it but Stephanie stops him. Stephanie says if he wants his job back, he's got it. Show gets a "yes" chant going from the crowd. Stephanie says it's settled. Show says there's one more little thing.

Show says to make the world's largest lawsuit go away, he needs the world's largest bonus. Show says it's not about the money. He wants to be the face of WWE. Stephanie pokes fun at him. The Shield's music hits and here they come through the crowd. Big Show asks what is this and asks them if they know what's at stake. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and The Shield are at ringside. Triple H and Stephanie are in the ring with Big Show. Show tells them to tread lightly because he has something hanging over Triple H's head. Show demands a WWE Title shot against Randy Orton at Survivor Series. Triple H gets in his face. He says Show is lucky to have his job back. He tells Show to get out of his ring before he leaves Show there. That's Triple H's final answer. Show says early tomorrow morning, his attorney will be in touch with the Board and he will complete his task of owning everyone. Show says goodnight and walks away. Triple H tells him to wait. Triple H gives Show the match. Show makes him say it louder several times. Show heads back to the ring and gets in Triple H's face, making him say it again. Triple H says Show has his job back and the WWE Title match at Survivor Series. Show asks if Triple H wants to shake on it. Triple H says since he works for WWE again, it's only fair to compete like everyone else. He makes a handicap match for right now.

Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. Big Show

Triple H introduces WWE Champion Randy Orton and out he comes. Show is wrestling in a suit but takes his jacket off. They all corner him. He starts fighting them off. Show goes for a chokeslam on Rollins but Reigns takes him down with a spear. They all beat Show down as Triple H and Stephanie look on. Stephanie yells for them to rip Show apart. Show fights them off again and chokeslams Reigns. Show goes for Orton again but The Shield stops him. Show fights them off again and corners Orton. Kane's music hits and out he comes in a suit with no mask. Show blocks a RKO. The Shield go back to work on Show as Kane stands at ringside in a suit. Orton nails a RKO. Kane tosses a steel chair into the ring and brings more for The Shield. They unload on Show with chair shots for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Big Show

- After the bell, the chair shot beatdown on Big Show continues. Kane takes apart the announcers table as they drag Show out of the ring. Reigns grabs part of the steel steps and rams it into Show's head. The Shield lifts Show up and puts him through the table with a triple powerbomb. Stephanie yells at Show and welcomes him back. Orton taunts Show with the WWE Title. Orton's music hits and he poses with the belt as everyone stands around Big Show as RAW goes off the air.

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