- According to a source, there is NO truth to Billy Corgan having talks with TNA about purchasing the company. The story was fed by Corgan's associate, Lou D'Angeli, and it caught on from there. There has been no recent communication with Corgan and management, and as of right now, no talks are scheduled. Internally there is said to be some heat on Corgan's camp for fanning the flames.

- As for a potential buyer for TNA, the one company that I have heard that is interested is located outside of the U.S., but has strong ties to television domestically. I don't know if they are the leading candidate that Dave Meltzer recently mentioned in The Wrestling Observer.

- TNA is in talks with a national company about coming on board to be a sponsor for their television, web site and live event tours. TNA is also looking to further strengthen key relationships with YouTube and Facebook.

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