Kevin Nash Talks Working With Triple H During His Last WWE Run, Differences With Hulk Early On, More

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"I just think that because there is not a strong alternative to WWE now, I don't believe there will ever be another situation like that, where guys are jumping back and forth, and it's really that competitive, where there really is a war. Erich Bischoff made it known he was trying to put Vince out of business, and anyone who knows Vince McMahon knows that you're not going to put him out of business.

"I think it's missing. It's hard to be your best without having somebody push you. There's just not a strong second to WWE, there's just not. I'll work independent shows, there's nobody on the card but myself and we'll draw 1,200 people. TNA put on a loaded card someplace in Texas and they get 480 paid people... it just doesn't make sense. I was there almost four and a half years and people at the airport would know who I was and ask what I was doing. I never felt that the Spike Channel pushed TNA. I felt they were so UFC based for so long that they just never... when was the last time you seen a TNA ad during a WWE program? Never, right? Go the opposite way and on Impact you'll see a WWE PPV ad! That's the whole thing, you can't compete against them. You no longer have to even say what the card is, it's just that Raw or Smackdown are coming. It doesn't matter. It's the brand."

Reservations about adding Hogan to "The Outsiders"?: "For me, there will never, ever be another Hulk Hogan. So when they pushed the idea around that this would be the first time Hogan would do a heel turn and be part of us, I mean we were over but to get the Hogan rub and the fact that he was turning? It ensured success! It was such a water and oil mix of personalities and psychologies, that was the hard thing: but the selling of standing next to Hogan? When I was a mark he was my favorite, so here I am in the same ring with the guy and we're on the same team I'm just like 'wow, this is special.'"

Personal differences between the three: "At the beginning he was such a character, that bigger than life 'Brother, brother, brother, let me tell you something brother' type guy and me and Scott, we just talk like this. We didn't screw around, we didn't yell or scream, we were kind of sarcastic wise guys and that's who we are. I'm Kevin Nash and he's Scott Hall, that's what it says on our drivers license. So that was the real difference, but I think it was part of what changed the perception of people. People all of a sudden seen guys come to the ring with baseball bats and then they actually hit people with them; people just realized this wasn't the pro-wrestling they grew up with."

His last run in WWE against Triple H: "If you would have told me at 50 years old, that at 52 I'd be in a ladder match [laughs]. I think it was a rib. I think they booked it, they called me up, put me on speaker and were waiting for me to start cursing and then I said 'alright fine I'll do it,' I think they just thought 'oh my god he's going to do it.' I knew it was against Paul, and I've always said I'll work against anyone good enough to carry me! I can't ballroom dance on my own. Gimme someone who can dance and I can do my part.

"He's so busy from a running the company stand point, we basically called it on the fly because we didn't have time to do anything. I got out there, picked up the ladder and I'm like, 'oh my god this thing is heavy.' I'm waiting for him to get up, and I know when he does I'm gonna swing it at him and I know just from the physics of it, I'm not gonna be able to stop this ladder once I swing it... so it's comin. That's the thing about working with your friends; you'll take real good care of somebody you don't know, but you'll beat the hell out of your friends."

You can check out the full interview at this link, which included Nash discussing his original run as Master Blaster, Oz, who was instrumental in his early years, the UK Takeover Tour, beating Bob Backlund in 10 seconds and more.

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