WWE Main Event Recap: The Wyatt Family Vs. Prime Time Players, Nikki Bella Vs. Alicia Fox, The Usos

Winner: Nikki Bella

Then, the RAW Rebound is shown and it focuses on the segments between Triple H and Big Show from this week's RAW.

Afterwards, bits and pieces of Triple H's weekly WWE.com interview with Michael Cole are shown. They focus on Kane siding with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

The Usos vs. Hunico and Camacho

Hunico trips an Uso to the mat. He slaps the back of his head. They circle each other and Hunico hits an arm drag. Uso hits Hunico in the face. The Usos exchange a series of quick tags, working on Hunico's arm. Camacho finally tags in. He and Uso lock up. They lock up again and Camacho backs him into the corner. Camacho kicks Uso repeatedly. He whips Uso, but Uso stops and hits several chops. Uso bounds off the ropes and Camacho knocks him to the mat. Camacho hits a body slam and drops a leg. He whips Uso to his corner and tags in Hunico. He stomps on Uso's head. Uso tries to fight back, but Hunico kicks him and slams his head into a turnbuckle.

Hunico hits a chop in the corner. He whips Uso and charges. Uso moves and tags in the other Uso. Uso hits a series of kicks and flying shoulders. He kicks Hunico out of the ring. Camacho runs in and Uso pulls the ropes down, sending him to the outside. Uso goes for a dive, but Hunico and Camacho move out of the way. Back from commercial and Camacho pulls the ropes down, sending Jey Uso to the outside. Camacho hits him with a big clothesline on the outside.

Camacho rams him into the apron and sends him back inside. He gets a two count on Jey. Hunico tags in and he and Camacho double team slam Jey to the mat. Hunico chokes Jey with his knee. He then locks in Jey's arm. Jey gets out and goes for a dropkick, but Hunico hangs onto the ropes. Camacho tags in and strikes Jey in the corner. He hits Jey with a knee to the stomach and then slams his head to the mat. Camacho locks in his head on the mat. Jey battles out but Camacho hits a body slam.

Camacho power whips Jey into the corner. He charges Jey, and Jey puts a boot up. Jey almost tags in Jimmy, but Hunico tags in and knocks Jimmy off the apron. He then chokes Jey with his boot. Hunico gets a pin attempt and then lands a small powerbomb. Camacho tags in and hits a snap Suplex. Hunico tags back in and kicks Jey in the head. Jey hits a monkey flip out of nowhere and is able to tag in Jimmy. Camacho tags in as well. Jimmy has the hot tag. He goes for the Rikishi butt bump, but Camacho moves. Jey hits a Samoan drop. Hunico breaks up the pin attempt. Hunico isn't able to capitalize, as the Usos send Camacho into the turnbuckle and hit the Samoan splash from up top on Hunico for the win.

Winners: The Usos

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