Views From The Turnbuckle: Three Easy Changes TNA Could Make To Get Better

Guess what? Casual wrestling fans don't follow Dixie Carter on Twitter, they don't scour the internet for wrestling news, that is why they are casual fans. Casual fans may tune into Impact each week for a few minutes, and that is when they might find out that a big match is going to take place. Too many times TNA announces a big match that they could have easily hyped up for weeks, but instead made it for an event only one or two days in advance.

With Bully and AJ, TNA should have announced a rematch for later, not had the whole rematch in just one episode. Hype up the match for a few weeks, make sure that everyone who would even have the slightest interest in watching the match knew about it, and THEN have the match. Instead, TNA hotshotted the match to try and pop a rating for the post-BFG Impact, even if they could have gotten a better rating if they had just shown a little bit of patience.

TNA's future and its actual financial situation is very much a mystery, and there is always going to be rumors circulating around on its demise. While we don't know how well or how bad TNA is doing right now, I do believe that making these simple changes would really help improve the company as a whole and help maximize profits.

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