WWE NXT Recap: Luke Harper Vs. Kassius Ohno, Alexander Rusev Vs. Sylvester LeFort, More

Harper backs Ohno to the corner and then power whips him into another. He kicks Ohno in the chest. Ohno pops up and hits a chop. They exchange strikes and Harper pushes him around with his head. He steps on Ohno's ankle. Ohno comes back with boots, but Harper strikes him in the mid section in the corner. Harper locks in Ohno's head. Ohno gets out, but Harper drives his shoulder into his stomach in the corner. Harper tosses Ohno to the ropes. Harper charges and Ohno hits a rolling elbow, sending Harper to the outside.

Back from commercial and Ohno is in control. They exchange more strikes. Ohno gets whipped to the apron. Harper hits him with a boot, sending him to the outside. Ohno makes it back in at the nine count. Harper drops three elbows on him. He steps on Ohno's head. Harper takes him to the corner and hits a big chop. He then shoves Ohno to the mat and pulls him up by his hair. Harper whips Ohno and charges. Ohno moves and hits a roll up. Harper hits a shot to the jaw.

Harper hits his gator death roll headlock. Ohno gets to his feet. Harper slingshots him between the middle and bottom ropes. Harper goes for something where he bounds off the ropes and Ohno hits a dropkick. Ohno hits a series of head strikes. He dropkicks Harper in the head. Ohno hits a leaping elbow in the corner. He goes up top and hits Harper with a neckbreaker for a near pin fall. Ohno charges Harper. Harper counters into a tilt a whirl side slam.

Harper hits a big boot to the head. Harper charges Ohno in the corner. Ohno hits the rolling elbow again out of nowhere for a near pin fall. Ohno kicks him in the face several times. He bounds off the ropes and Harper hits the discus clothesline for the win.

Winner: Luke Harper

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