TNA Impact Results: Full Metal Mayhem, MEM Disbands, Pacman Returns And More

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We start off with Dixie talking to Adam "don't call me Pacman" Jones backstage. Anderson approaches Dixie and asks for a match against Bully, and she agrees for a match tonight, as long as Anderson brings it.

We get a recap of AJ Styles walking out on TNA and Dixie organizing the championship tournament which starts tonight.

TNA is live in Cincinnati tonight. Tenay hypes tonights Full Metal Mayhem match between Hardy and Sabin later tonight. Adam Jones and some other obscure Bengals player are sitting ring side.

The Main Event Mafia, in its entirety, come out to the ring. Tenay says that three of the four members are in the championship tournament. Sting says that he reformed the MEM for two reasons. One was to get rid of Bully Ray as champ, and to keep Aces and Eights in check. He says that there job is now accomplished, but the struggle was a lot for the group. Sting announces that for now, the MEM is going back on the shelf.

Sting says they are all dealing with a lot, especially himself. Sting talks about how he failed to get into the championship tournament last night. He puts over Magnus, Angle and Joe as guys that will all become world champion. Sting says that he is going to face something called entitlement. He says he is talking about those who think this business owes them something, that they can come in and get whatever they want.

Sting says he was not taught that way, and he has mucho respect for wrestling and especially those who came before him. Sting says goodbye to the MEM, and says that he loves Joe and Angle, but just hugs Magnus and walks away.

Joe grabs the mic and says that for the last few months, he had their backs, and it was fun, but he has been denied a world championship for too long. He says he considers them both great friends, but he intends are reminding them that they make far better enemies.

Magnus takes the mic and says to Angle that he is on a road to redemption and he applauds Angle for that. He says that Angle's road to redemption crosses over with his road to destiny. Magnus says that if it comes down to him and Kurt, if he has too, he will mow Kurt down. Magnus says he has championship gold on his mind, and for the first time in his career he is focused on becoming the champion of the world.

Kurt says that Sting is right, and they all have their personal goals to attain. Kurt says that his is to win the world title, and that he must do this, to prove that he is HOF worthy. He says that he had a setback last week, that he ignored doctors warnings and he got knocked out. Kurt says that he talked to his doctor this week...but Roode's music comes down and interrupts him.

Roode says that he is embarrassed for Kurt, making excuse after excuse each week. Roode dares Angle to be a man, and to admit that he lost twice in a row to Roode, and move on. Just like he is moving on, because the world title tournament is upon us. Roode says that if they happen to face each other in the tournament, he will have no problem kicking his ass a third time.

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