TNA Impact Results: Full Metal Mayhem, MEM Disbands, Pacman Returns And More

Angle says he has Aries next week, and that eventually he will meet Roode in the finals, and that time, his ass is Angles. Angle says that maybe he does not want to wait to kick his ass, and he punches Roode. Security come in and separate them. Taz calls Roode Rick Rude, and we go to commercial.

We come back and Angle is still in the ring, as he is now sitting on a chair. He says he can wait all night, and that he wants Roode to come back out. Roode, who went to the back during the break apparently, comes down in a tank top and jeans and they fight outside the ring. Officials came out and try to separate Angle and Roode. Eventually they do and the refs take Angle to the back, but Kurt breaks away and heads to the ring to meet Roode. Talent from the back come out and separate the two in the ring. A lot of pushing by both guys as they both kind of push around the officials in the corner. Eventually Angle leaves as his music plays.

Tenay and Tazz go over what Sting said about the break up of the MEM. They hype the start of the world title tournament and Full Metal Mayhem for tonight between Sabin and Hardy. They say that Sabin has the deck stacked against him.

Daniels and Kaz talk over the railing with Jones and De'Quinn Evans (the other guy with Jones). They enter the ring against Bad Influence and hit twin scoop slams on Daniels and Kaz. Bad Influence head to the back while Jones and Evans celebrate in the ring.

A number one contenders match between ODB, Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher is up next.

Knux and Garrett are walking in a stairwell and Anderson comes up to them and says that what is going on is not club buissness. Anderson said leaving Aces & 8s was the best thing that happened to him, and they should get out.

Velvet is out next, followed by Brooke Tessmacher and her assets. ODB is out last.

Number One Contenders Match For The Knockouts Title: ODB vs Velvet Sky vs Brooke Tessmacher

Brooke stars of the match with a booty shake, and her and Velvet have kind of a dance off. ODB knocks Brooke down and throws her and Velvet back in the corner and hits a double bronco buster. She goes for a scoop slam on Sky, but Brooke comes over with a schoolboy for a one count.

Sky comes up and hits a few clotheslines on Brooke and a neckbreaker for a two count. ODB powerslams Sky, but Brooke comes over and hits a twisting necbreaker. She climbs the ropes and hits a flying elbow drop off the top rope.

Gail and Tapa come down to the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back and all three women are trading chops in the ring. ODB gets the best of them and locks in a single leg crab on Brooke. Sky comes over and hooks the other leg to make it a full crab. They both get off Brooke and trade blows in the center of the ring. Sky eats a shoulder tackle by ODB. ODB powerslams Brooke onto Sky and goes outside the ring to talk smack to Gail. Brooke gets up and knocks ODB down, but Velvet comes over and clotheslines Brooke.

They all get in the ring and Brooke hits a short-arm clothesline on Sky. Brooke climbs the ropes again and sort-of hits a crossbody on both ODB and Sky. Tapa climbs the apron and distracts Sky who gets up. Sky fights off Brooke and goes for the pedigree, but Kim comes in and beats down Sky, causing a disqualification despite it being a triple threat match. Kim and Tapa get in the ring and decimate all three women.

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