TNA Impact Results: Full Metal Mayhem, MEM Disbands, Pacman Returns And More

Winner: Disqualification

Kim grabs a mic and says that she has beaten everybody and that she has no competition for the title. She issues an open challenge to any female wrestler outside of the company, and if they can beat her, she will give them a title match. Gail says no one can beat the first-ever, longest reigning KO's champion of all-time.

We get a little recap of AJ in AAA and then a promo for the One Night Only for the Tournament of Champions Show.

We see Hardy warming up backstage and they show us a recap of Hardy and Aries from BFG in 2012 where Hardy won the TNA World Title.

Bully is talking to Garrett and Knux in the back. Bully says that he hears and sees everything that goes on, and questions them about Anderson. He says that he brought the club together not for him, but for "us". Garrett calls him out and says when was the last time they voted on anything and Knux backs him up. Ray says that Knux has never been the brains of the group, but Knux flips out and says that tonight, they are voting, them three and Tazz. Knux storms away and Bully looks rattled.

Dixie is backstage and she is yelling at somebody on the phone. She is screaming saying that this guy is humiliating her, and that also means he is humiliating him. She tells the person on the phone to fix it. EC3 knocks on the door, and Dixie asks him to pick his own opponent. EC3 says Dixie has tested him a lot since he debuted, and he is worried about tonight. Dixie reassures him and kisses him on the cheek goodbye.

Garrett and Knux are in the ring, and Garrett is saying they are going to vote on the future of the club right now. He asks Tazz to come into the ring and he obliges. He calls Bully down to the ring and he also comes to the ring.

Bully is pissed and he does is whole "Do you know who I am?" bit. Garrett says they all know who he is, the poison that tore this club apart. Since day one, it has all been about him, and tonight they are going to decide on the future of the group.

Anderson hits the ring wearing a military jacket and Bully is livid that Anderson is there. Anderson says not to mind him, he is just here to watch this whole thing implode. Garrett says it is time to vote, and he is finished. He takes off his jacket and hangs it in the turnbuckle. Ray pleads with Knux and asks him to take out Garrett. Knux says he does not need Bully, the club, or these colors. Knux takes off his jacket and puts it with Garretts.

Bully says fine, they are going to have a tie. Bully says they know what Tazz and him are going to vote, so the president breaks the tie. He points to Tazz and says since he is his best friend, and he knows he is going to side with him. Tazz grabs the mic and says Bully needs to pump the breaks a little bit. He says that there whole careers they have done the right thing, and this club has gone wrong. Tazz says that Anderson, Knux and Garrett are right, and he is done. He takes off his jacket and Bully demands that he puts them back on. Tazz says make me, and Bully turns his cap around like Ash Ketchem. They stare at each other and Bully says that he is going to say it one more time, put your colors back on. Tazz says make me again, and that he will destroy Bully. Bully points at Anderson and says that this is all his fault.

Anderson says that Bully has no more men to manipulate. Anderson says that November, 24th, at Turning Point, they will have a No DQ match. Bully says that he is sick of Anderson, and that for someone that respects Stone Cold Steve Austin so much, he forgot the very first rule.

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