Cameron Talks Return Of Total Divas, Not Getting Implants, Her Catchphrases, More

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Her famous catchphrases from the show and if she's surprised they've taken off: "I mean, it's strange to think that stuff I've said my whole life, for ever and ever and I'd never even realized I had all these catchphrases. I mean I did have a really outgoing personality and have always has these phrases and sayings and pretty much not having a filter when I say things but it's so awesome because it's really catching on with the fans on Twitter and Instagram that are like 'Girl Bye' or 'Boy Bye' and '', you know what I mean? When I'm out and about shopping and people see me and are like 'Girl Bye'. It's so crazy but it's so cool. SO I'm definitely capitalizing on that."

What does she do in her free time: "Oh my gosh, I honestly like to sit on my couch with my dog, Glitty, and watch Family Feud. I love Family Feud and Mystery Detectives, that's like my stuff right there. It's actually hard for me to turn it off when I get home, I mean, that's just me being nice; literally I'm always on the go. Even Vincent will go 'Babe, just turn it off for a second and just enjoy' but that's really hard for me because I want to be successful; to me, I just want to give it 110% and when I'm not working it's just I love what I do and I want to get better at what I do and I want to show my fans that. So, I'm literally always working, but when I do turn it off and put my phone away, and give him the attention that he needs, that's what I do. But it's really hard for me to turn it off, it's something I really do need to work on because it is really hard."

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