Thanks to reader Lewis Kemp for sending in these results from tonight's WWE live event in Glasgow, Scotland:

- Paul Heyman opened the show wearing a cast and a neck brace. He cut a standard heel promo before being interrupted by CM Punk. Punk teased going back to the locker room before grabbing a kendo stick and viciously beating Heyman.

- Prime Time Players defeated Hunico and Camacho. Hunico started shouting U-S-A before the match, which was a tad confusing considering he's billed from Mexico.

- The Great Khali defeated Jinder Mahal. Khali hit the Khali chop for the win, in what was a quick squash match.

- Brie Bella (w/ Nikki Bella) defeated AJ Lee (w/ Tamina Snuka). Before the match Tony Chimel announced that the Divas Championship would be on the line. However AJ Lee proceeded to cut a heel promo where she announced that the Divas Championship wasn't on the line after all.

- Curtis Axel defeated R-Truth to retain Intercontinental Championship. The fans where given the chance to choose the stipulation for the match with a street fight being the overwhelming choice. Axel was put through the table before he hit his the Axelizer for the win. Post match Truth attacked Axel and hit his finisher for the cheap pop.

- The Usos defeated 3MB (Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater). The roles where reversed in this match with The Usos playing heels and 3MB playing faces. McIntyre got a great ovation with various chants such as 'We want Drew' echoing around the arena. Usos won with a quick roll-up, to the displeasure of the crowd.

- Ryback defeated Justin Gabriel. Ryback hit the Shellshock for the win.

- Daniel Bryan and CM Punk defeated The Wyatt Family (w/ Bray Wyatt). Towards the end of the match Punk teased putting the GTS on Wyatt before Bryan performed the high knee to the face of Erick Rowan. Punk then proceeded to hit the GTS on Harper for the win.

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