This edition of Impact Wrestling was brought to us from the Cincinnati Gardens, in Cincinnati, OH, and presented the first match of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship tournament. Also, the Main Event Mafia decided to go their separate ways after a five-month stint, as well as the Aces and Eights faking a break-up for the sake of pulling a ruse over Ken Anderson.

ODB vs. Brooke vs. Velvet Sky was an okay match, but once again we get interference from Gail Kim. Again, the depth of the division must change immediately for it to rise in stock, but Kim did have an interesting promo at the end of her attacks on the participants. It is intriguing to see where this goes, as far as her issuing an open challenge to someone outside the company. If I had a choice, it would be Awesome Kong—the same person who helped her put the Knockouts division on the map in the first place. Moreover, it would make for a great face-off with Lei'D Tapa, which could set up a stipulation that if Kong could get past Tapa, she would have a title shot.

The Aces and Eights/Ken Anderson segment looked hopeful, but fell a bit flat. The only hope from this is that Ken Anderson will have a match with Bully Ray, in which the group must disband if he wins. Aces and Eights are done, and have been irrelevant for quite some time. I understand the reasoning for keeping them around a bit longer, but this angle has to be it for them. They have already overstayed their welcome. On a side note, I was disappointed that I did not see a Kata Hijime on Bully Ray.

Ethan Carter vs. Dewey Barnes was redundant, but at least Barnes is getting some TV exposure out of this and fame on Twitter. Other than that, we need something better than repeats of this to get Carter over. Like I said last week, a feud with Magnus, reinstating the TV title, would be a very good option right now. Not only would it give Carter a good feud, but it would propel Magnus into the main event scene with more fan support.

Bad Influence vs. Eric Young/Joseph Park was actually a good match, and did well for the tag team division. This current feud, with the addition of Abyss, is a good spot for all of them at the time being. Hopefully we will get to see more involvement with the tag team titles sooner than later, seeing how they have not been showcased as much as they should lately.

The Kurt Angle/Bobby Roode feud is forming very well. They both are exhibiting a great deal of passion, making it more intense and real. If this is a prelude to both reaching the tournament finals, it will be treat to see, as well as the continued feud for the title afterwards.

Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Sabin was a fantastic match, and a good way to start off the title tournament. The bout had some great spots, hard-hitting moments, and no one dominated throughout the match. I am still not a fan of Sabin being in the main event yet, but moments like these help. Now, Sabin should use this momentum to bring better exposure to the X Division, which has been fairly quiet as of late.

Who is your pick to win the tournament? Sound off below.

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