Buff Bagwell Talks Backstage Meeting With TNA This Year, WCW, His WWE Run And Release, NWO, More

Returning from his broken neck in 1998 as a heel instead of a babyface: "It was a gigantic deal, they could've made me the next biggest babyface in the world. Dude, I had 50,000 letters sent to me in the hospital, I had Desert Storm guys would touch my picture before they went out to battle. I was over, big time. They could've made me the next biggest superstar, instead they turned me heel and the people didn't like it, it burned them. My parents were physically upset about it. I knew what they were doing was wrong, but they pay my bills. I can't tell Eric, 'hey, Eric, I'm not gonna do that.' But it was Eric's idea and he wanted to turn me heel and basically it took a crap on 50,000 people that were praying for me."

Joining the nWo and becoming "Buff": "Kevin Nash is the first one to speak up for me. Eric Bischoff was not a big fan of mine at first, he kind of didn't like me. Eric wasn't with it at all, he said I don't get it, you all are crazy. In Salisbury, we had a Nitro and they had me come out and join the now and it was a big deal, bro. On the flight home we were trying to figure out a name, and of all people it was Nick Patrick. He said, 'what about Buff?', and everybody just stopped and went 'that's it, that's perfect!' So that was it, Buff Bagwell it was born. It was created and there it went."

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