SmackDown Review: Daniel Bryan Looks For Retribution, Cena Vs. Ryback Is Best Of Series

John Cena vs. Ryback was surprisingly a pretty good match. Without a doubt, the best match of their series of matches together. Ryback was a much better opponent for John Cena them The Great Khali was for Alberto Del Rio, which gave Cena the nod for having the more impressive night. Although the Cena/Del Rio feud is not ideal, at least it is something fresh for SmackDown.

One other thing to note is that, although many will not admit it, Cena is getting much more pops on SmackDown than he has in a number of years. Probably since the last time he was a SmackDown mainstay. Super Cena is back in full force.

Goes to show how much he cares about the show...

Sound off with your thoughts of SmackDown below.

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