Source: JR's BBQ

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his Q&A section once again this week on Here are some highlights:

How long it takes to get the arena ready for Raw or SmackDown: Depends on the load in time but generally they load in a normal TV shoot EARLY in the morning of the show and work right up until the show starts so I'd estimate 12-14 hours.

Thoughts on WWE booking Alberto Del Rio 12 times during 2013 in World Heavyweight Title pay-per-view matches: New is good. I doubt that any one has mentioned that factoid.

WWE booking CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs Luke Harper & Eric Rowan at Survivor Series instead of booking The Shield vs. The Wyatts: I quit trying to follow the logic of most TV wrestling creative. I just watch and try to enjoy what I see. I have no answer for you. Sorry.

Meeting Bobby Heenan for the first time in WWE: Connected with him immediately. We had natural chemistry and I played off his amazing comedic talent and timing. Yes, we talked occasionally while he was in WCW but cell phones weren't as popular then. He's the best all around performer ever.

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