With Triple H on vacation in storyline, Michael Cole interviewed Director of Operations Kane this week's worked interview for WWE.com. We posted the video earlier, which you can watch above, but here are some highlights:

Kane spent the first 90 seconds or so giving simple "Yes" or "No" answers to Cole. However, he snapped when Cole asked him where the monster went and if the suit and tie was a facade.

"I can assure you that the monster is lurking beneath this veneer of civility anxiously awaiting the right catalyst to unleash it," Kane replied.

After calming himself down, Kane said that while there is a monster inside all of us, he chose to have his run rampant for the last 17 years. He said that he was still always in control, and that he accepts and "relishes" his monster side. He said that it's still just one of his tools, but not the only tool at his disposal and that the monster will be utilized under the right circumstances.

Kane finished the interview by saying that his methods were becoming more subtle and sophisticated and that he was "evolving."

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