Wrestling in Mid-South in the early-mid 1980s, Terry Taylor became one of the biggest babyfaces for the company. Taylor's fanfare made him such a recognizable name in professional wrestling that he commenced a feud with Ric Flair over the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, nearly defeating him for the title in a match they had. The match lasted over a half hour, and cemented Taylor as one of the biggest fan favorites in the NWA territories. His popularity led him to winning the Mid-South North American Heavyweight Championship—the company's top title—defeating Ted DiBiase in 1985.

When the Mid-South broke away from the NWA in 1986, the name was changed to the UWF. Still, Taylor was a top babyface, winning both the UWF Television title and the tag team title. His partner was World Class Championship Wrestling sensation, "Gentleman" Chris Adams.

In 1987, Terry Taylor began to show signs of a heel turn after having a long tenure as a babyface. Occurrences such as coming late to a match, kicking Adams's leg off the ropes and showing villainous tactics during matches concluded to Taylor's official heel turn on Chris Adams.

Unfortunately, Taylor never achieved the fame he received in Mid-South/UWF. The biggest moments after his glory days working for Bill Watts were becoming a member of the York Foundation as well as winning the six-man tag team championship in WCW, and a midcard gimmick of the Red Rooster in the WWE.

It is unfortunate that Taylor never had an opportunity to become very relevant in the WWE or WCW. He always had a Four Horseman look to him, and would have been a great fit. Far better than Sid or Paul Roma in that era. Instead, we just have to see his matches in Mid-South/UWF and realize that WWE and WCW might have overlooked him as an upper-midcard star.

Should Terry Taylor be in the Hall of Fame? Sound off with our thoughts.

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