Diamond Dallas Page Talks About Working With Scott Hall & Jake Roberts, Hogan's Future, More

On concerns he has for both guys when the leave: "Jake is going to be Jake no matter what. When people say: 'Man, I love what you did to Jake', I tell them: 'I didn't do anything, Jake did all that' and Jake Roberts is still Jake Roberts. But I never saw this Jake Roberts. When it came time for him to leave the crib, he made that decision. It wasn't me because he could have lived with me forever and I told my girl before she moved in: 'Baby, Jake is Uncle Jake and he isn't going unless he says I'm out of here' and always being his little brother in scenarios when I go: 'Jake, that's not cool to say things like that'. I got sick of saying that to him because he's my mentor, he's one of my closest friends on the planet and he knew it was starting to wear me out a bit. I think he is in the best spot that he has ever been in and he really has a chance, if it's not this year then next year but it should be this year because he has done so much in his career but he should be in the hall of fame but he should have been in the hall of fame twenty years ago. Then he put it out that: 'I'm going to be in the Royal Rumble' and it got a lot of buzz but it's like: 'Yo, shut up about the Rumble'.

No one is going to know. If they are going to put him in the Royal Rumble, he won't know until its four days out. He will absolutely be the last one to know. There was an article about Bradshaw and Bradshaw has some really good writing on his site and there's another guy that has done a lot after wrestling and he is an amazing cat and he does so much for kids around his summit and the mountain climbing that he does, its crazy s--t to me. He eats it up and it's the challenge and there was article on his site that talked about how it would really be smart and really beneficial to the WWE to have one guy that is not going to be a surprise because there would be so many fans, passionate fans about just hearing his music and walking out.

It would make people cry and there would be goose bumps with the twenty-two thousand people at the Royal Rumble and all he needs to do is be real limited and it won't matter, its Jake. It's such a tradition of people coming out and people won't know what's going to happen. Jake has been clean for over a year, it was October when we brought him in, so it's a little over a year of being completely cocaine and crack free and that was a big deal! He did that cold, there were no morphine shots and whatever shots they do to get people off heroine or whatever, and we did none of that. We test him once in a while too, it was a surprise test. It was like: 'Here Jake, we are taking you down to the clinic.' He said: 'I got my first passed drug test', he even framed it and we did it a couple times."

On Hulk Hogan leaving TNA in time for WrestleMania XXX: "He's Hulk Hogan bro. I have offered my services to him before and that's when I was in Los Angeles. I would help him any way I could because he really helped me when you get to that one spot when you there. Hulk Hogan walks up to me in Germany and this is around 1994 when Kevin is the champ and I'm wrestling Jim Duggan. I get the curtain jerk match, the first match every night. It was the fifth or sixth night and we are in Berlin and when I walk through the curtain and Hogan is there and he grabs me and he pulls me over and he says: 'How are you doing it?' I go: 'Doing what, Hulk?' He goes: 'Getting some much better.' I go: 'Wow, thanks man.' He goes: 'I've been watching your matches the last couple nights and I don't see you on TV that much but when you're on, you are always doing something a little different and this is the way they are getting you to learn your craft. They are putting you on the road.'

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