Thanks to reader Susi of for sending in these results from tonight's WWE live event in Zurich, Switzerland:

* Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz. There were cheers and boos for both before the match. Miz started working a fair match, but turned heel on Kingston after a while. The crowd hardly seemed to notice though.

* The Real Americans defeated Los Matadores. Antonio Cesaro was cheered a lot of course, and most of the audience joined the "We the People" catchphrase (which makes me suspect that most didn't have a clue what it means, thus don't follow the storylines). It was very weird to have Cesaro do such a gimmick at home. I loved the "Hopp Schwiiz" ("Go Switzerland") chants from the crowd though; guess Cesaro was the only one in the ring who knew what was going on. Los Matadores were booed badly. The Real Americans clearly worked as faces, including the referee missing a much-needed tag etc.

* Natalya defeated Aksana

* Santino Marella defeated Fandango. This was a comedy match. Fans were supposed to vote on Twitter if it should be a dance-off or a match; match won with 53%. The reaction to Fandango was rather lame compared to last year.

* Cody Rhodes, Goldust & Big E Langston defeated The Shield

* Wade Barrett defeated Zack Ryder

* Damien Sandow defeated Dolph Ziggler. Probably the best match of the night. Sandow cut a short promo before the match. Good reactions for both of them with dueling "Damien Sandow" - "Sandow sucks" chants.

* WWE Champion Randy Orton defeated The Big Show to retain the title. Orton had a bandage on his arm, I'm not sure if that was legit or selling the beat-down from RAW, or just a new tattoo. ;) Big Show basically had the match won when Kane's music hit and he distracted Show so Orton could win with the RKO. After the match, Kane congratulated Orton. Then the Shield came out and destroyed Big Show until he made a miraculous comeback and laid out Shield and Orton all by himself with no babyface run-in. Kane backed away after a short stare-down with Show.

Other notes:

- The hall looked pretty empty. The floor was pretty much filled (even though there would have been room for more seats), the stands were basically empty in the back and sparsely filled on both sides with the upper levels were tarped off.

- The crowd was rather quiet compared to other shows. No "yes" chants, no Cena chants. There were two/three noisy smark groups that were a bit annoying at times.

- Before the intermission, Justin Roberts announced that they are looking forward to returning to Zurich "in the near future," but did not give a date.

- Not sure if I maybe missed a second merch booth, but the one I walked by had three shirts: Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, and John Cena. Orton was the only one who was actually there.

- There was no mention of Eddie Guerrero.

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