Wrestle Talk TV recently interviewed Chavo Guerrero, who discussed working with The Undertaker and the late Chris Benoit. He also spoke about why he feels Eddie Guerrero would not be a fan of the wrestling business today.

"I don't think he would like it," Chavo replied after being asked what Eddie would think of the business today. "Just the way it is now, it's hard for a young wrestler to get that seasoned experience, to be out there and become a good wrestler. It's hard. You can disguise it all you want with explosions and pyro and big entrances and having Paul Heyman in your corner, but when it comes down to the ring, it's you and that other person. You can't disguise that.

"I don't think Eddie would like that. Back in the day when other guys could go other places, and go to Mexico and other circuits that are thriving, and learn how to perfect this art... because it really is an art. You just can't learn it wrestling in one place, you just can't."

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