WWE NXT Recap: Neville Vs. Graves, Charlotte And Bayley Vs. Summer Rae And Sasha Banks, More

WWE NXT Recap: Neville Vs. Graves, Charlotte And Bayley Vs. Summer Rae And Sasha Banks, More Photo: Nicole (@nicole_rose_54)
This week's episode of NXT opens with Byron Saxton, Tensai and William Regal on commentary.

Bayley and Charlotte come down to the ring.

Bayley and Charlotte vs. Summer Rae and Sasha Banks

Bayley gives her and Summer headbands and Summer tosses them to the floor. Charlotte and Sasha start off. They lock up and Charlotte shoves her across the ring. Charlotte hits a shoulder knockdown and a fireman's carry. She locks in Sasha's arm from behind. She takes Sasha to her corner and Bayley tags in. Sasha hits her with a knee to the stomach. She tags in Summer. Bayley elbows her into the corner and hits a flying corner splash. Bayley hits a fireman's carry and gives a thumbs up to Charlotte. Summer hits a clothesline off the distraction.

Back from commercial and Sasha is in control of Bayley. She has a Chinlock locked in. She slams Bayley into the turnbuckle and Summer tags in. Summer chokes her on the center rope. Summer gets a two count and then locks in a full Nelson with her legs. Bayley gets out and tries to tag in Charlotte, but Summer drags her across the ring. Sasha tags in. She goes for a body slam, but Bayley counters out. Sasha slams Bayley's head into the mat.

Summer tags in and chokes Bayley with her boot in the corner. Sasha comes back in and locks in a headlock form behind with a body scissors. Bayley gets to her feet and rams Sasha into the corner. Bayley hits a belly to belly Suplex. Bayley goes to tag in, but Charlotte slaps her across the face. She hits Bayley with her flipping cutter and then goes back to the apron. Sasha pins Bayley.

Winners: Summer Rae and Sasha Banks

After the match, Charlotte raises Summer and Sasha's arms in the ring.

Then, Aiden English is shown backstage. He is practicing singing.

Camacho vs. Aiden English

They lock up. Camacho backs him into the corner. They lock up again and shove each other around the ring. English lands kicks and strikes in the corner. Camacho hits a big clothesline and a body slam. He charges English in the corner. English puts an elbow up. English charges and Camacho back body drops him. English calls for a time out and tries to shake Camacho's hand. Camacho stomps English. He picks English up and drops him back first to the mat. Camacho hits a standing leg drop. He goes for what looks like Samoan Drop, but English counters into The Director's Cut for the win.

Winner: Aiden English

English gives an encore after the match.

Then, Alexander Rusev is backstage with his new valet. She's walking around him, speaking what I assume is Bulgarian. Rusev then speaks in the language too.

Danny Burch vs. Mason Ryan

They tie up and Burch gets backed into the corner. Burch hits a strike to the back. Ryan hits a clothesline into the corner. He whips Burch and charges, but Burch hits an elbow. Burch tries to slam Ryan's head into the corner, but Ryan stops him. Ryan hits a big shoulder tackle. Burch battles back with strikes and kicks in the corner. He keeps the strikes up on Ryan into another corner. Ryan battles out with kicks and a headbutt. Burch rams his shoulder into Ryan's gut and slams his head into the turnbuckle. He clubs Ryan in the back. Ryan comes back with a big punch to the head. He tosses Burch onto the ropes and hits a running boot. Ryan hits his cobra clutch slam for the win.

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