TNA Impact Results: Anderson Takes On Aces &8s, Angle VS Aries And More

We get a video from TNA 24/7 of Joseph Parks. Parks talks about Bad Influence throwing a Appletini in his face last week. He challenges Daniels to a match tonight on Impact. We get a video of Daniels and Kaz talking about the Appletini incident last week. Daniels asks if Parks has lost his mind, and agrees to the match against Parks. Both Daniels and Parks will leave their teammates in the back.

We get a video hyping the main event of Angle vs Aries in a submissions match in their first round match in the TNA Title Tournament. Aries and Angle talk about the art of submission.

Daniels comes down to the ring for his match against Joseph Park. Both Park and Daniels come down alone.

Christopher Daniels vs Joseph Park

Daniels uses his speed to get the edge, but Park hits a hip-toss and a shoulder knockdown. Daniels begs off PArk and extends his hand. Park grabs his hand and brings him into a short-armed clothesline. He takes Daniels down and tries to go for a Boston crab, but Daniels escapes to the ropes and to the outside. Daniels runs around the ring and PArk gives chase, and Daniels gets the step inside the ring and beats Park down. He hits a clothesline to the back of Park's head for a two count. Daniels goes for a sunset flip, but Park stays upringt and tries to sit down, but he misses.

Daniels hits the ropes and boots Park down for a two count. Daniels continues to beat down Park and taunts the crowd. Park gets up and hits a Samoan Drop on Daniels. Both men struggle to get up and Daniels misses a splash in the corner. Park hits a scoopslam and then a sidewalk slam for a two count. Park picks up Daniels, but Daniels fights out and goes for a suplex. PArk puts on the brakes and hits a suplex of his own. He drags Daniels over to the ropes and climbs the second rope. Daniels rolls out of his range and into the corner, but Park runs over and splashes him in the corner. Park hits some rights and lefts in the corner, but Daniels sneaks in a low-blow and covers Park for the three count.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Ethan Carter III is up next as we go to commercial.

We come back and Garrett is in the back. Bischoff and Bully tell Knux that it is ok, and that they have Anderson right where they want him. They leave and are apparently going to a strip club. Why Bully would need to go to a strip club when he is dating Tessmacher is not revealed.

EC3 is out for his match. Norv and Dewey are his opponents in a handicapped match.

Handicapped Match: Ethan Carter III vs Norv and Dewey Barnes

Norv starts things off against EC3. He scores with a right hand and an arm wrench. He tages in Dewey who hits a axe handle on EC3. They do this move several times until EC3 counters out and clotheslines Dewey. He hits a suplex and locks in a rear chin lock and then a back suplex. Barnes hits a few elbows in the corner and then a hurrancnacrna and tags in Norv. Norv hits a crossbody, then a missile dropkick and tornando ddt for a two count.

EC3 gets up and clotheslines Norv. He brings him in the corner and Barnes makes a blind tag. EC3 hits the headlock driver called the "1 percenter" while Dewey climbs the ropes. Dewey leaps off but EC3 and hits the headlock driver on Barnes. He covers both men for the the three count.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

We get a recap of AJ leaving with the TNA Title and defending his belt in Asistencia Asesoría y Administración. After the video, Dixie is shown yelling at the producers asking how the promo aired.

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