TNA Impact Results: Anderson Takes On Aces &8s, Angle VS Aries And More

We get a video of Jeff Hardy talking about his injuries from Full Metal Mayhem last week.

We get a video of Austin Aries defeating Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Destination X 2012.

Dixie Carter's music hits and she comes out. She thanks the crowd and says that it is so hard to have the perfect insticts that she does. She says she never has to go around and prove herself. She says how great it is to be right about kicking AJ out of TNA. She says that it has proven her point that no one, except for herself, is irreplaceable. This a business, not some walk down memory lane, and it is all about what you have done for her lately. She says AJ stole the world title from her and that he is not her world champion and that her lawyers will handle him.

She says that she is here to talk about the tournament. She says that Hardy won last week, and tonight they will see Aries take on Angle. She hypes next weeks Turning Point event, and she announces the matches for Turning Point. Roode comes down, followed by Storm, Joe and Magnus.

Dixie says that she has already announced the brackets, and that it will be Roode vs Storm and Joe vs Magnus. She says she has already spun the wheel of Dixie and it landed on a Bull-Rope match for Storm and Roode. She says that Roode has the advantage because he has shown what he has down for her latley, and Storm has not.

Storm grabs the mic and says that he has the heart, a beard and a cold 6 pack of beer. He says that it is time a redneck takes over this show and wins the World Title. He says that he has one thing to say for Roode; "Sorry about your damn luck." Good stuff from Storm.

Dixie says that Magnus and Joe will be in a falls-count anywhere match. Joe says that he can't play this charade any longer, and that the only reason they are all here is to cover for her mistakes. She says they are only here to make up for her bad business. Joe says that when he wins this tournament, whether it will be here or anywhere else, the first person he is defending the title against AJ Styles, who never lost the title in the first place.

Magnus says that this tournament is about the spirit of competition. He says that to be the top dog, he has to beat the best, and that is Joe. And he will, be the top dog. Dixie says that whoever wins will be the true, world heavyweight champion.

We go to a camera in the back and Anderson beats down Bischoff. He handcuffs Garrett to a cart in the back.

We get a recap of Angle winning the World Title at Slammiversary in the King of the Mountain match.

Gail Kim and Lei'd Tapa are out for Kim's open challenge. If the woman defeats Kim, she will get a Knockout's title shot. Kim talks about issuing her challenge to any female outside the company. Kim calls herself the greatest Knockout's champion of all-time. She says that a lot of names have been mentioned, but someone actually has to show up. Tonight, someone showed up. Hannah Blossom comes out to accept the challenge.

Gail Kim vs Hannah Blossom

Kim runs her over with a kick to the face and hits some uppercuts on Blossom. Kim whips Blossom into the corner and hits a crossbody in the corner. blossom fights back, but Kim cuts her down with a kick to the ribs. Kim beats her down and talks trash to Blossom. She kicks away at Blossom in the corner. Blossom locks in the figure four around the post, but Blossom does not give up.

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