TNA Impact Results: Anderson Takes On Aces &8s, Angle VS Aries And More

Angle stalks Aries and goes for the Angle slam, but Aries armdrags Angle and hits a rolling forearm which knocks Kurt to the outside. Aries climbs the turnbuckle and hits a big double-axe handle on the outside. Kurt rolls into the ring, and Aries goes for the missile dropkick. Angle catches him and locks in the Ankle lock. Aries pushes Angle into the turnbuckle, and goes for the dropkick in the corner, but Angle catches him again and locks in the Ankle Lock.

Aries rolls over and kicks him off, sending Kurt to the outside. Aries hits a suicide clothesline and rolls Kurt back into the ring and connects with a missile dropkick. Aries hits the dropkick in the corner and hits the brainbuster and floats over into the last chancery. Angle teases the tap out, but Angle fights out of it. They trade blows in the ring and Angle hits a german suplex, and hits another one, but Aries grabs the ropes to prevent a third one.

Angle seats Aries on the rop rope and goes for a super side suplex, but Aries knocks Angle off. Angle runs up the ropes and goes for a super german, but Aries knocks him down again. Aries turns around on the turnbuckle, and misses a 450 splash. Angle goes for the Angle slam, but, Aries floats over beautifully and teases the last chancery. Angle fights out of it and doges a spear by Aries, who eats only steel in the corner. Angle signals to Roode on the outside and locks in the crossface, and Aries taps out.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Angle and Roode yell at each other while Tenay hypes the card for next week. Anderson's music hits and he drags Bischoff out to the stage. Anderson points at Garrett and listens to the crowd. Anderson hits a piledriver on the stage to Garrett. Anderson's music plays while Angle looks confused in the ring as Impact goes off the air.

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