Thanks to readers Michael O'Connor and Michael from Stanford le Hope England for sending in these results from tonight's WWE live event in London, England:

The seating behind the screen was sealed off but apart from that looked like a sell out so I estimate around 12-16 thousand attendance.

* Tonight's show kicked off with The Primetime Players vs. Hunico and Camacho. PTP got a good pop from the crowd and both teams produced an entertaining match. Both had decent offense, the only bad point was a massive botch from Hunco and Camacho on Darren Young. PTP picked up the win. Decent match to start the show, and the audience loved the PTP.

* Ryback beat Justin Gabriel. Very good match, Justin used lots of high flying moves which impressed everyone, would like to see more of him on TV. Ryback had his lip bloodied by Justin. Ryback wins by hitting shell shock, it lasted around 8 mins.

* The ring announcer then said the crowd would decide the format for the next match, either a diva singles or tag match. This was of course the match between the Bellas and AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka. Pretty much followed the script of their previous matches. After taking some moves by one of the Bellas, AJ made the tag, she then looked dizzy and collapsed onto the floor, with Tony Chimel going straight over to her and doing the X symbol. The match finished, with the Bellas winning at around 10 mins. Later, AJ managed to walk to the back with some assistance, and was applauded by the crowd.

* The Great Khali beat Jinder Mahal. It lasted 5 mins, it was a few slaps, a big boot and a chop. The kids were into Khali.

The ring announcer was about to introduce the next match and was interrupted by Paul Heyman, flanked by Curtis Axel and Ryback. In the ring, Heyman cut a promo on about how he blames Punk and the entire crowd for what happened to him. He insulted members of the crowd until CM Punk's music hit. He came out to a huge pop then returned to the back and came out again kendo stick in hand.  He then told Ryback what Heyman had said in his promo on raw how he called him ugly and a dummy. Ryback then called Heyman "stupid" and vacated the ring. On his way past Punk, he grabbed the mic and said 'kick his ass.' Punk told Axel he could stay and get a beating or leave too, but he had 10 seconds. Axel too deserted the Paulrus, and after some begging, he got another kendo stick beatdown. The Wyatts music hit and they came down and surrounded Punk, who was alone with Heymans crutch in hand. They attacked Punk and Daniel Bryan's music hit and he came out and picked up the discarded kendo stick and he and Punk cleaned house. Punk asked if we wanted a fight and asked D-Bry if he wanted to tag with him. So we had Punk and Bryan vs Harper and Rowan. The Heyman promo to the Bryan save lasted around 20 mins.

* CM Punk & Daniel Bryan defeated Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. Great match with lots of spots with Bray directing his family from ringside. Eventually Punk got Bray in the ring and tried to hit the GTS, but Bray escaped. Punk and Bryan win after Punk hit the GTS on Harper.

* After a break, we had the remaining 3MB members vs. The Usos. A surprisingly competitive match ensued with Jimmy and Jey getting the win. The crowd was into the Usos, the match lasted around 8mins.

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel beat R-Truth in a title match. The crowd was really into Truth. The referee was distracted by a loose turnbuckle, which enabled Axel to kick out of a pin attempt. An angry Truth was arguing and was beaten by a roll up. The match lasted around 10 mins.

* Finally in the main event, World Heavyweight Champion John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio. Cena had a massive mixed reception as per usual. The usual fare from these two, with lots of near falls and Del Rio attacking the injured arm. Cena escaped the cross arm-breaker a couple of times. The ref got knocked out and Cena locked in the STF, Del Rio tapped, but there was no ref so the match continued. Cena went to check on the ref, but got hit with the title by Del Rio. Del Rio woke the ref up, but Cena kicked out and eventually landed the AA for the pin. He finally cut a promo saying, "we have a stadium down the road we can hold Wrestlemania in," meaning Wembley.

Overall a solid show with Bryan & Punk vs. The Wyatts being my match of the night.

Biggest Pops
1. Daniel Bryan/Punk/Cena
2. R-Truth
3. PTP

Most Heat
1. John Cena
2. Paul Heyman
3. Ryback

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