WWE Smackdown Recap (W/ Video): Bryan And Punk Vs. Ryback And Axel, Natalya Vs. Tamina Snuka, More

Winner: Natalya

After the match, AJ gets into the ring to check on Snuka.

Vickie Guerrero is shown backstage. Brad Maddox walks up and says that she is going to be in trouble when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon get back. Vickie says that it may have been her idea for a match, but Maddox is the GM and he didn't overrule her. Vickie says he'll be the one in trouble and can't wait to see him squirm.

The Prime Time Players and R Truth vs. The Union Jacks (3MB)

Titus and Mahal start off. Mahal tries to kick Titus. Titus catches his leg and pushes him to the mat. Titus picks up Mahal and tosses him to the side. Mahal locks in a side headlock and McIntyre tags in. McIntyre keeps the offense up on Titus, attacking him in the corner. Mahal tags in. All three Jacks hit a move on Titus. Slater tags in and hits multiple kicks and strikes. He locks Titus in a headlock from behind on the mat. Slater delivers elbows to Titus's chest. Titus gets to his feet, but Slater clubs him in the back. Titus comes back with a big shoulder tackle. He tags in Truth.

Truth hits multiple right hands and a spinning heel kick. He slams Slater face first into the mat. McIntyre stops the pin attempt. Titus spine busters McIntyre. Mahal attacks Titus. Young hits his finisher on Mahal. Truth hits his finisher on Slater for the win.

Winners: R Truth and The Prime Time Players

After the match, the faces put on the Union Jack jackets and dance in the ring.

Michael Cole is in the ring for the Alberto Del Rio and John Cena arm wrestling match. He recaps how Del Rio ambushed Cena on RAW.

Del Rio comes out to the ring. He picks up a mic and says he is a very proud man. He calls himself the greatest Mexican athlete in history. He is proud of what he did to Cena on RAW. He says Cena had it coming when he stole his World Heavyweight Title. Unlike Cena, he doesn't steal things. He earns them. He tells Cena it's okay because he will get his title back. He asks if Cena is going to accept his arm wrestling challenge.

Cena comes out. He picks up the mic and says he loves coming to Manchester because there's so many John Cena fans. They just must be stuck in traffic. He points out a fan dressed as Superman and says he really let himself go. Cena says that Del Rio calls him a thief. Del Rio got him on Monday, but those weren't the actions of the greatest athlete in Mexican history. Del Rio is desperate. Cena says that when he beats him at Survivor Series, he is only going to be left with his hands on his flagpole.

Cena asks the crowd if they want more action and the crowd pops. He accepts Del Rio's arm wrestling challenge and asks Superman what he thinks. Cena says that he is going to break Del Rio's arm. They both sit down and Cena uses his non-injured arm. Cena slams Del Rio's arm to the pad nearly immediately. Del Rio gets super angry and demands a rematch. Cena sits down again. He gets back up and does the you can't see me signal. Del Rio stares him down and Cena sits down again.

They grab arms and Cena slams Del Rio's arm to the mat again instantly. Del Rio sucker punches him in the head and then kicks him in the head. He locks Cena's good arm in a chair. Cena gets out, but Del Rio spine busters him through the arm wrestling table. Del Rio takes his shirt off and lays it over Cena. He then walks up the ramp.

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