WWE Smackdown Recap (W/ Video): Bryan And Punk Vs. Ryback And Axel, Natalya Vs. Tamina Snuka, More

WWE Smackdown Recap (W/ Video): Bryan And Punk Vs. Ryback And Axel, Natalya Vs. Tamina Snuka, More

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Tonight's Smackdown opens with Michael Cole and JBL on commentary.

The Wyatt Family comes down to the ring.

The Wyatt Family vs. The Usos

Rowan and Jey start off. Jey hits a few strikes. Rowan comes back with a knee to the gut. He drives Jey head first into the corner. Harper comes in with an uppercut. He whips Jey in the corner and charges. Jey puts a boot up. Jimmy tags in. Harper hits head strikes and a headbutt. Jimmy hits a few strikes and a kick. Jey tags in. He bounds off the ropes but Harper hits an uppercut. Rowan comes in and drops some knees on Jey's head. He hits Jey with a body slam. Rowan cranks Jey's head. Jey gets to his feet, but Rowan clubs him in the back. He picks Jey up. Jey counters out and tags in Jimmy. Jimmy keeps the offense up briefly, but Rowan comes back by slamming Jimmy to the mat.

Jimmy comes back with a sunset flip attempt. Rowan stops him and tries to hit a senton. Jimmy moves. He doesn't keep the offense up for long as Rowan is able to toss him into the corner. Back from commercial and Harper is in control of an Uso. He hits Uso with his Gator Roll. Harper keeps his head locked in on the mat. Uso gets to his feet. He hits Harper with gut shots. Harper runs into him against the ropes and then slingshots him between the center and bottom ropes. Rowan tags in and stomps Uso in the chest. Rowan hits a backbreaker.

Jimmy is able to come back with a kick to the head. He tags in Jey as Rowan tags in Harper. Jey hits multiple leaping clotheslines and kicks. Jey goes up top and hits a leaping clothesline. Jey lands a Samoan drop and attempts Rikishi's corner hip attack. Harper explodes out of the corner with a boot. Rowan tries to get involved, but gets sent outside. The Usos try to keep the attack up, but Harper is able to hit the discus clothesline for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Bray Wyatt gets into the ring after the match. The Usos try to fight back, but the Wyatts easily dispatch them. Bray hits one of the Usos with Sister Abigail. Bray picks up a mic and says that at Survivor Series they will teach the world how to leave a scar. He advises CM Punk and Daniel Bryan to run.

Curtis Axel and Ryback are shown backstage. Ryback says if Axel is still a Heyman guy, he has no intention of teaming with him after what Heyman said about him on RAW. If Axel is still a Heyman guy, he has a problem with Axel. Axel brings up the Heyman-Ryback proposal and the cheek kiss. Axel says he is no longer a Heyman guy and that they need each other tonight. He proposes they take out their frustration on Punk and Bryan.

Then, R Truth is backstage free styling. Prime Time Players walk up and rap too, but horribly. R Truth has a hilarious, confused look on his face. They all do the millions of dollars dance.

Back from commercial and William Regal does a WWE Shop segment. Midway through Vickie Guerrero replaces him with the Great Khali.

Natalya vs. Tamina Snuka (with AJ Lee)

Natalya charges Tamina and hits lots of strikes in the corner. She trips Snuka and keeps pummeling her. Snuka comes back with a Samoan Drop. She charges Natalya in the corner and Natalya moves. AJ gets up on the apron to distract Natalya. Snuka charges Natalya. Natalya moves and Snuka hits AJ off the apron. Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter off the distraction and Snuka taps.

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