Top UFC Stars Pick Tonight's GSP - Hendricks Fight & Most Predict Big Upset, Dana White Comments

Tonight is the UFC's big 20th anniversary event, UFC 167, headlined by UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre defending his title against Johny Hendricks. Make sure to join us tonight for our UFC 167: St-Pierre vs. Hendricks viewing party. We will be providing full round-by-round live coverage of the main card, as well as quick results for the preliminary fights. I will also be chiming in with my thoughts and scores for each round in our "Comments" section during the viewing party.

In the video above, Josh Koscheck weighs in with his thoughts on tonight's main event. Koscheck, who was fought both men, seems pretty confident that GSP will walk away with another successful title defense. However, many other fighters disagree.

"Just like when Chris Weidman was challenging Anderson Silva, everywhere I go, I've got fighters telling me that they think the upset is happening in this fight," said UFC President Dana White. "All the pros think Johny Hendricks is the biggest challenge that GSP has faced in his entire UFC career. Almost every fighter I've spoken to and every fighter we've interviewed thinks Hendricks is going to shock the world."

Here, some of the biggest names in the UFC weigh in on what could rival Silva - Weidman as the upset of the year.

Carlos Condit (No.2 ranked welterweight contender, former interim UFC welterweight champion; has fought both St-Pierre and Hendricks)

"If I were a betting man, I'd take Johny Hendricks for the upset. You have to give Johny a huge chance in this fight. I'm most excited to see how their wrestling matches up. If Johny can stop the takedown, like a lot of people think he will, it is going to be very interesting."

Chael Sonnen (No.6 ranked light heavyweight contender, three-time UFC title challenger)

"Johny is by far the biggest threat to GSP's title, that's obvious. Hendricks could be the guy to end GSP's reign, we all get that. What's getting missed here is the bigger story: If GSP wins this fight, he is the greatest fighter in the history of the UFC, the number one guy of the UFC's first two decades. Hendricks will be the UFC champion in the future I think we can all agree on that so if GSP can beat him now he will not only be the greatest fighter of his era, but also of the Hendricks era. Every win Hendricks gets after losing to GSP would be a win for GSP, too. So this is an even bigger stakes match than people realize. I think GSP will show up in the form of his life but I also think Hendricks wins this."

Tim Kennedy (No.10 ranked middleweight contender)

"I think Johny Hendricks is the better fighter across the board. Better wrestler, better striker, takes a shot better everything. But I think GSP, he's just a freak, he will find a game plan to win on points. I really think that Hendricks should win this fight, but I won't bet against GSP."

Robbie Lawler (No.10 ranked welterweight contender)

"It's going to be a tense first round for sure. I think whoever imposes their will and can get the ball rolling early will take it. Cardio is going to be the key and you know Georges will be ready to go the full five. Hendricks needs to come in shape and, if he does, he's got a great chance to take the title."

Matt Serra (former UFC welterweight champion, last man to defeat St-Pierre)

"Johny has been taking out a lot of tough guys, knocking guys out, so he has a huge puncher's chance. Koscheck had a great right hand and a puncher's chance against GSP, but nothing like this guy. GSP does fight safe, so the opportunities for Hendricks to land the shot are going to be few and far between, but he will get the chance and he has to be ready to take it. That's what I did."

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