WWE Live Event Results From Minehead (11/16): AJ Lee In Action, Announcer Beats Down Curtis Axel

As Punk attacked Heyman the Wyatt's music hit. They came out in the dark and when the lights came up Luke and Eric were in the ring and attacked Punk. Daniel Bryan then came out to save Punk and Luke/Eric retreated to ringside. Paul Heyman rolled out the ring and curled up in the corner by the steel steps but hobbled out as the match started. Everyone where I was sat were laughing at him.

CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs The Wyatt Family - Winner: Punk & Bryan

As Punk and Bryan stared at Luke/Eric the bell rang and they got back in the ring with Bray in the rocking chair at ringside. This was a great match - when Bryan was tagged in Punk was really working the crowd getting them to 'yes' and also was hilariously shaking at the ropes Warrior style. The crowd were booing the Wyatt's and cheering Punk/Bryan the whole match. The crowd were on their feet so I didn't see what happened but Punk and Bryan won.

The Wyatt's left, Punk and Bryan went around the crowd for a while and Punk was signing stuff. When Punk got to the top of the ramp he praised the crowd and shouted thank you. The crowd loved him.

Everyone seemed quite happy and usually the last show of the tour feels rushed but this was a great show, I think the good crowd helped with that.

Most heat:

Curtis Axel, Paul Heyman, The Wyatts

Biggest pops:

R-Truth, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

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