Former WCW Announcer Talks TNA's Chances Of Survival, Death Of WCW, Bischoff, WWE Invasion

Bash at the Beach 2000: "I had no idea that was coming. If you go back and watch the stuff with Hulk and Vince and Jeff down in Daytona. There are arguments on both sides as to whether that was a shoot or a work. Visit Wrestling Inc. I don't know, I assume everything in wrestling is a work, but I don't know, that sure seemed like a shoot to me. I can tell you 100 percent for sure, what Madden and Tony and I were doing at the announce table in the aftermath during that was 100 percent shoot because we didn't know it was coming, at all, we had no clue. What we heard at the end of the production meeting was that Hogan was walking out with the strap, that's all we knew."

The problems with the Invasion angle and why it failed: "What went wrong with the Invasion angle. I know that answer, I have the answer. That's not even an opinion. The answer is we were WCW guys and Vince was never going to push us. Not me, but the talent, the wrestlers. Visit Wrestling Inc. Vince had this idea that he wanted to have WCW invade the WWE, but it was only to bury WCW. Well, he never had it in his head that before you can bury something, you have to build it up. He just wanted to bring in WCW and have them have their own program, their own merchandise, we had our own logo, our own shirts, but then he just wanted to kill it. He could not wait to kill it, and he couldn't even wait to build it up to kill it. He just wanted to kill it and that's what he did and that's what happened there."

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