Total Divas Recap: Cena Asks Nikki To Sign A Co Habitation Agreement, Uso Injures His Toe, More

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The show opens with the Bellas calling someone about their costumes. Brie says that they are making a guest appearance on the show Psych. Brie tells the person on the phone their clothing sizes and weights. Brie doesn't believe the weight that Nikki tells her.

After the title sequence, things head to Cena's house. He and Nikki are looking at his fish tank. It's the day that Nikki is moving in with Cena. Her boxes arrive and then she talks about how excited she is because she's never lived with a guy before. Cena gives her crap for how many boxes she has. Nikki has a box of sex toys in a box that are stuck on for some reason.

Then things head to an arena for RAW. The Bellas arrive and Nikki tells Brie about how Cena tore his triceps. She tells Brie that she is going with Cena to Pensacola to get surgery.

Next, Eva is backstage watching a divas tag match. She talks about how being a diva is what she wants to do in life. She would do anything to make the company happy. After the match, Eva congratulates the Funkadactyls after the match, and then Natalya walks up and says she can't wait until they fight next. The talent guy comes up and asks Eva if she wants to try ring announcing. She says yes and then the talent guys asks her to give it a shot and announce Natalya. Eva talks briefly about how important ring announcing is and what's involved.

Then, Cena comes out for RAW and he announces how he is going to be out because of his injury.

After that, the talent guy approaches Daniel Bryan and Brie backstage. He tells Bryan that due to John's injury he will be on the road a lot more doing media stuff. John Cena and Nikki are then shown getting on the plane to leave for his surgery. Nikki talks about how his injury could be career threatening and that she feels for him.

They are shown arriving at the hospital. Cena's surgery prep is shown. Then, Nikki and Cena's trainer are watching the surgery from behind a piece of glass. A bunch of blood squirts out of Cena's arm when they cut into it.

Back from commercial and more clips from Cena's surgery is shown. The doctor gives Nikki and Cena's trainer a thumbs up and then talks to them briefly. Cena wakes up and Nikki talks to him. Then, a nurse gives them pictures of Cena's arm from the surgery.

Things head to Eva and Alicia Fox. Eva talks about how she is stressing over announcing. Fox mentions that she tried it once and almost got fired. Eva says that she doesn't want to fail and risk her job.

The heads to Canada and the Bellas arrive for Psych. They are in the makeup trailer getting makeup done. They're going to be vampire monsters for the show.

Jon, Trinity and Ariane are then shown in a car. Trinity and Ariane are dancing and Jon farts. They get angry at him and he farts again.

Things head to NXT and Eva walks into a meeting with the talent guy. She is having trouble retaining all the info for announcing. She tries announcing Randy Orton and messes up where he's from. She asks if she can use a cheat sheet and he tells her no. The talent guy says it makes him nervous that she doesn't have the facts down yet.

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