Views From The Turnbuckle: Heel Dixie And Why It Isn't Working

AJ Styles being the world champion and defending it in other companies is something that I can live with, and I actually think it is a really nice touch by TNA. What I don't understand is that TNA continues to push the World Title Tournament as a legit contest for the world title, while also clearly acknowledging that AJ Styles is the "real" world champion. TNA wants to push the idea that their tournament matches are all towards crowning a new world champion, while also showing highlights and recaps of AJ walking out of TNA every single week with the world title. Talents like Samoa Joe last week, have all but come out and said that the tournament is a joke and that they are only doing it because AJ Styles left, and that he is the real champion. How are we supposed to get excited about this tournament when the wrestlers themselves are basically admitting that the tournament is a sham?

If TNA wants to shore up their storylines after Hogan and Bischoff were removed and Aces & 8s concludes, they need to make sure that their storylines are not conflicting and are in capable hands. Right now, I cannot say that either of those statements are true.

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