History Of WWE DVD Review: Steroid Trial & Owen Tragedy Covered, Classic Matches, More

There was no mention of WrestleMania 2, which I found disappointing. It would have been interesting to hear about why it didn't work, the lessons learned and then lead into the next segment, which was WrestleMania III. Harley Race, Jim Duggan and Greg Valentine discussed the enormity of WrestleMania III, with John Cena noting that he had 30 people at his house for the show. Jake Roberts admitted to being starstruck by Alice Cooper, who was in his corner that night. Bobby Heenan noted that the main event between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant was the highlight of his career.

The steroid trial was covered, and I was surprised to see how much time was given to it. There was even footage shown of Dr. George Zahorian, who would provide a lot of wrestlers with steroids, at ringside during a WWF show. Stephanie McMahon noted that Vince had a talk with her about the trial, and it was difficult. Jake Roberts, Ted Dibiase Sr. and Jim Duggan discussed their own steroid use, and Dibiase noted that Vince never endorsed it. There was footage shown of The Ultimate Warrior and Rick Rude leaving the courtroom, with Warrior saying that Vince never told him to use steroids. A clip was shown of Vince discussing their steroid testing, and it was noted that Jerry Jarrett was being brought in to fill in for Vince in case he had to go to jail. Vince was acquitted, steroid testing started and physiques changed, which was described as high profile and highly paid stars leaving the company.

The post-Hogan period was hard, and Undertaker admitted that those times were tough. Jim Ross called that period a reset, and that the company needed new stars. Triple H admitted that business was not good during that time. 'Taker noted that the investment in new stars during that period paid off.

Monday Night RAW was featured next, followed by Monday Nitro. This part of the DVD featured a lot of content featured on past releases. I was surprised to see the company admit to going through financial hardships during that point, and it was admitted that they couldn't honor some of their contracts, including Bret Hart's, which led to the Montreal screwjob. Again, most of the content here has been covered before. There was no mention of Bret punching out Vince after the incident, but rather it led directly to the Attitude Era and the boom period in the late 90's. Stephanie McMahon noted that her roommate, who was a kindergarten teacher, said that her students were imitating D-X, which was not good. Triple H called that era a "magical, magical time."

I was surprised to see the Owen Hart tragedy covered, which I don't recall ever seeing in a WWE release. Apparently WWE can use Owen's image again after settling the lawsuit with Owen's widow, Martha Hart, this past April. Linda called it the most awful night in the company's history. The Undertaker called the accident devastating, and said that it hurt Vince deeply, which was hard to see because Vince is a friend. They showed footage from the Over The Edge pay-per-view of Jim Ross announcing that Owen had died. Clips were shown from the tribute show on RAW the following night. Even though it's been almost 15 years, I still get emotional seeing that footage, but I am glad that WWE was able to put it in.

There was no mention of the deaths of Brian Pillman, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, although Benoit was to be expected. Still, it would have been interesting to get the perspective of people within the company of that tragedy, and the bad publicity the company received for it, whether fairly or not.

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