Christopher Daniels Talks TNA Cutting Back On Road Tapings, If Hulk Hogan Should Return, Curry Man

If he is disappointed about TNA possibly leaving the full time road schedule: "It's not disappointment, we understand the game. We gambled and went out on the road and I think there were positives and negatives to that move. I felt like it definitely freshened up the look of our product and being in front of new fans every night I definitely felt the energy when we were going live and traveling around. But at the same time, we have to do what's best for the company, and if that means going back to a central location, and taping certain times and getting on the road when we can, then that's what we need to do.Visit Wrestling Inc. Impact Wrestling is in it for the long haul, they're not looking to burn out all at once, we're trying to stay in it long term, and these are the decisions that are made above my head in terms of the long term benefit of our company. So it's not disappointment it's more of an interest to see where we go from here, how we're going to be received when we go back to Orlando for the next set of tapings that we do, and see what happens. It all depends on the product we put out. No matter where we are whether we're in Orlando or where we are on the road, the most important part is the storylines and the wrestling and are we trying to hook that fan base into continuously coming back and making us a priority to watch."

Thoughts on playing Curry Man: "It was just different. It was part of being entertaining. Whether I was the Fallen Angel trying to be entertaining by being the serious wrestler out there to win every match and get all the titles or just Curry Man being the guy that was out there having fun and bringing smiles to the fans' faces, it didn't matter to me it was a matter of getting people's attention and trying to get them involved and get them invested in the wrestling. So it didn't matter to me whether it was the serious guy or the comedy guy, if I was getting people involved and invested in watching wrestling then it's a win-win situation for both of us."

If he thinks TNA should try to bring back Hogan: "I think Hogan, with his name, brings something to the table at TNA. The real question is how much is it worth and how much do we pay for that? When you say there could be improvements made, like how much money do we put towards those improvements? And how do you make those improvements?Visit Wrestling Inc. Those are questions that our creative team and the guys that are running the ship are asking themselves every day and I think if it was a set plan I think we would have followed it but it's something where we have to try different things and do different things. So they're trying different things and trying to see what sticks and see what profits us best and if they decide that Hulk is profitable, not just monetarily but investment-wise, then great but that's something they are going to decide."

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