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Anyways, Cena and Del Rio are working the same storyline that they did at Hell in a Cell. Cena has an injured arm, which should leave him especially vulnerable to ADR's cross-armbreaker. At HIAC, they worked this same bit, although Cena's arm was considered to be in worse shape then than it is now. If Del Rio was not able to beat Cena at HIAC, what chance does he stand to dethrone Cena when his arm is healthier? Cena defeats ADR after withstanding the cross-armbreaker for god-knows-how-long, and powering through with an Attitude Adjustment.

Daniel Bryan and CM Punk will form an intriguing tag team to take on the Wyatt Family in what should be the most exciting match of the night. The match is an important step in the Wyatt family's progress as characters. Now that they are feuding with arguably the two top faces in the company, they are really starting to be utilized to their lofty potential as a dominant heel force.

The match should be a good one, with the undersized Bryan and Punk fighting valiantly against the monstrous Harper and Rowan. I think that the Wyatt's will come out on top, possibly due to Bray Wyatt's interference, and that opens up a nice door for the Wyatts. By defeating the team of Punk and Bryan, it shows just how good the Wyatt family can be, and that they can beat anybody at any time. It also sets up an exciting match for the next PPV, TLC, with a likely stipulation being a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

Because the WWE never seems to realize that they should have a tradional Survivor Series match till the last minute, the team of The Usos, The Rhodes and Rey Mysterio will take on The Shield and The Real Americans under the traditional elimination tag rules. I see the faces winning this match, if only because the WWE wants to get Rey Mysterio back into the picture and having him get the pinfall victory after a few 619s looks like the right way to go.

Big E Langston will defend his newly won Intercontinental Championship against the former champion Curtis Axel. Axel was perhaps the worst IC Champion of all-time, and the WWE seems to be really high on Langston right now, so this match should be academic. Langston comes out on top with an easy win in under ten minutes.

With Total Divas returning to television recently, the WWE will capitalize on their marketability any time they can, so seeing them thrown into an extensive 7 on 7 tag team elimination match is not that much of a surprise. The teams are the women who are on Total Divas against the women who are not, which kind of makes zero sense from a face/heel standpoint, but I don't think the WWE wants us to think that much about this match. A 7 on 7 match is a great way to sneak both Eva Marie and JoJo into a PPV match, even if both of them are clearly not ready for that kind of role. The Total Diva's win when Natayla forces AJ Lee to tap out to the Sharpshooter.

The pre-show match features Kofi Kingston taking on the King of the Pre-Show, The Miz. The Miz's heel turn was actually a pretty solid move, as god knows his face run was not doing anything. It would be dumb to have Miz turn heel and lose his first PPV match as a heel again, so he picks up the win over Kofi.

Survivor Series feels like just another PPV for the WWE this year, and although that doesn't mean the show will be bad, the build-up and a lot of the matches do not have me very excited for the show. Hopefully the WWE will surprise us and have a really entertaining show, but I tend to doubt it.

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