WWE NXT Recap: JBL Makes Beat The Clock Challenge, Hunico And Camacho Issue A Challenge

WWE NXT Recap: JBL Makes Beat The Clock Challenge, Hunico And Camacho Issue A Challenge
This week's episode of NXT opens with Byron Saxton, Alex Riley and William Regal on commentary.

Bo Dallas comes down to the ring. He puts on a party hat and takes up a mic. He says that there is no place like home and for the past month, he has been on a world tour. Everywhere he's gone, everyone loves Bo. The crowd chants No! Bo says that he brought a slideshow. He then plays a bunch of Photoshopped slides on the TitanTron and says a bunch of puns. The crowd chants We Want Sami! He says that they gave him cookies in Transylvania and that since all the people in the crowd are his friends, they're all getting cookies. Ring crew people start tossing cookies into the crowd.

Then, JBL's music hits and he comes down to the ring. They shake hands and JBL says that on behalf of the company, they are proud of Bo. Just like Randy Orton is the face of the WWE, he is the face of NXT. Sami Zayn's music hits and he comes out. The crowd chants Ole! Bo asks if Sami came to get a cookie. Sami says no, but that it's nice to see him and JBL. JBL says that there is reason he suspended Sami. JBL is angry that Sami came down to the ring and interrupted Bo's homecoming party. He asks if Zayn learned respect.

Zayn says that he didn't mean any disrespect, but he just wants to be reinstated so that he can take the title from the delusional cheese ball. JBL calls Zayn Ricky Bobby and says that he could suspend Zayn indefinitely for insulting the champ. The crowd starts chanting cheese ball and JBL says he is going to suspend the whole WWE Universe if they don't shut up. JBL says he always does what's best for business and reinstates Zayn.

Dallas says he wants to congratulate Zayn, but that they already fought. He says it seems like Zayn is a sore loser. Zayn says that he has no problem working from the bottom up, but that the next time they face he is going to take the title. JBL says that the best part of being in the era of the wrestling God is opportunity. He is going to have a beat the clock challenge to determine a new number one contender. JBL says that he is in it and that he will be wrestling tonight. Zayn says welcome home, Bo and then leaves the ring.

Beat the Clock Challenge
Colin Cassady vs. Alexander Rusev (with Lana)

They circle each other and lock up. Rusev takes Cassady to the corner. He strikes Cassady across the ring and then kicks him in the stomach in another corner. Rusev hits a big headbutt. Cassady fights back with strikes. Rusev hits a body block. He grabs Cassady by the hair and then hits a headbutt. He strikes Cassady in the shoulder and then drops three headbutts. Rusev goes up top for a diving headbutt, but Cassady moves. Cassady hits several head strikes. Cassady goes for a body slam, but Rusev stops him. Cassady hits a running high knee to the head.

Cassady drops an elbow. He goes for a corner splash, but Rusev moves. He then tosses Cassady into another corner and then hits a running hip attack. Rusev locks in the Camel Clutch. Cassady gets out and grabs the ropes. Rusev pulls him to the center of the ring and goes for a pin. He drives his shoulder into Cassady's gut in the corner. Rusev picks Cassady up, takes him to the ropes and knees him repeatedly in the gut. He tosses Cassady behind him to the side. He clubs Cassady in the back and then headbutts the back of his head. Rusev locks in the Camel Clutch and Cassidy taps.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

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