WWE NXT Recap: JBL Makes Beat The Clock Challenge, Hunico And Camacho Issue A Challenge

New time to beat 5:33

Then, a new backstage interviewer named Devin Taylor is shown with Adrian Neville. She asks about his match last week with Corey Graves. Neville says that they take risk every time they get into the ring. It's not ballet. Graves tried to end Neville's career, but he can't think about that right now. He needs to think about the Beat the Clock Challenge. He talks about how he is going to win his match tonight.

Back from commercial and Bayley is backstage with Taylor. Taylor asks about what happened last week. Bayley says she doesn't know why Charlotte betrayed her. They were best friends. Taylor asks if Bayley has talked to Charlotte yet. Taylor says no, but she will work up the nerves to confront her next week. She then says that if Charlotte is watching, the next time she sees her these bad boys will do the talking, in reference to her fists. Taylor thanks her for her time and starts to walk away and Bayley asks if she wants to do the robot with her.

Beat the Clock Challenge
Tyler Breeze vs. Kassius Ohno

Breeze immediately goes for a pin attempt. He strikes Ohno and goes for several more pin attempts. Breeze kicks him in the corner. He then slams Ohno's head into another corner and goes for a Suplex. Ohno counters into an inside cradle. Ohno gets a backslide pin attempt. He hits Breeze with a big chop. Ohno gets whipped to the apron. Breeze charges. Ohno tries to kick him, but Breeze catches his foot and kicks him in the head. Ohno falls outside. Breeze follows and sends Ohno back inside for a two count. He drives his boot into Ohno's throat in the corner.

Breeze gets a vertical Suplex. He clubs Ohno in the back twice. Breeze kicks Ohno in the head. Breeze goes for his spinning heel kick, but Ohno moves and gets a pair of pin attempts. Ohno goes for his elbow finisher, but Breeze escapes out and they exchange pin attempts. Ohno finally gets the three count on a pin attempt with :45 left.

Winner: Kassius Ohno

New time to beat 4:48

Hunico and Camacho vs. Jonathan Ortagun and Chris Rockwell

Camacho and one of the jobbers start off. Hunico kicks him in the stomach. He clubs the jobber in the back, tags in Hunico and hits a Samoan Drop. Hunico goes up top and hits his high angle senton bomb for the win.

Winners: Hunico and Camacho

Taylor meets Hunico and Camacho on the ramp and asks how it feels to be back. Hunico calls out the Ascension.

Then, another new backstage interviewer named Dan Devone is shown with Kassius Ohno. He congratulates him on his win over Breeze. Ohno says that the win meant a lot to him because he has been in a slump lately. Lana walks up and says that Ohno made a big mistake when he beat Rusev's time. Ohno starts talking in a Russian accent and tells her to tell Boris that he is no joke, and when he becomes NXT Champion Rusev can have first shot.

Beat the Clock Challenge
Aiden English vs. Adrian Neville

The two circle each other. They tie up and English backs him to the corner. Neville gets a quick roll up attempt. He chops English. English hits a chest strike in the corner and a snap mare. He picks up Neville for a body slam, but Neville leaps out. He trips English and gets a pin attempt. English tries to trip Neville. Neville flips out of the way and dropkicks English. English comes back with a vertical Suplex. He drops an elbow on the back of Neville's head. English kicks Neville in the corner. He then hits Neville with a body slam and lands a standing leg drop.

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