WWE NXT Recap: JBL Makes Beat The Clock Challenge, Hunico And Camacho Issue A Challenge

English gets a two count. He kicks Neville in the back of the head and goes for another cover. Neville battles back with body strikes. English locks in Neville's head and takes him to the mat. He punches Neville in the head and gets a two count. Neville comes back by slamming English back first into the mat. He kicks English in the legs and hits a pair of clotheslines. Neville hits a dropkick to the head. He body slams English and goes up top. English rolls away. Neville follows and English hits an uppercut. English sets Neville up top for a superplex. Neville hits him off and lands the corkscrew shooting star press with three seconds remaining for the win.

Winner: Adrian Neville

New time to beat 4:45

Back from commercial and The Ascension accepts Hunico and Camacho's challenge. O'Brian says they will rip them apart limb by limb.

Beat the Clock Challenge
Sami Zayn vs. Leo Kruger

Bo Dallas comes out on the ramp with a chair to watch the match. Kruger hits a knee to the gut and a club to the back. Zayn bounds off the ropes and hits a crossbody for a one count. Kruger goes for an arm drag, but Zayn counters into a backslide pin attempt. Zayn gets another pin attempt. Kruger knocks Zayn down with a chest hit. He body slams Zayn and then hits a snap Suplex. Kruger keeps the attack up. He slams Zayn's head into the turnbuckle and whips him into another corner.

Kruger charges. Zayn put an elbow up. He goes up top. Kruger charges again. Zayn puts his boot up. He leaps off and hits a crossbody on Kruger for a two count. Kruger comes back quickly with an uppercut. He drops an elbow on Zayn. Zayn kicks out of several pin attempts. He locks in Zayn's head from the front. Zayn battles to his feet. Kruger knees him in the gut. Zayn comes back with clotheslines. He hits Kruger with a dropkick. Zayn goes for his corner running boot, but Kruger moves.

Kruger hits a big spine buster for a two count. He takes Zayn's head off with a big clothesline for another two count. Zayn counters into a pin attempt and gets the three count right as the time expires.

Winner: Sami Zayn

JBL comes out and says it's not the era of Dusty Rhodes. They don't have controversy. He says that since it ended in a tie, next week Sami Zayn will face Adrian Neville to determine the number one contender, and then the week after that Dallas will defend his title.

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