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Tonight is TNA's Turning Point TV Special. The show opens with Robert Roode beating up James Storm in an actual bar room. Roode beats down Roode and talks smack to him about there bullrope match tonight.

We get a video package hyping Turning Point, the World Title Tournament matches for tonight and Ken Anderson vs Bully Ray for the future of Anderson and Aces and 8s.

Dixie is talking in the back to Samoa Joe. She says that she watched the show last week, over and over again, so she can be the best she can be. She says that her performance was outstanding, and Joe's was not. She says that if Joe ever takes that tone again with her, he will end up just like AJ Styles. She says if he wins the world title, he will never have his unification match, and that AJ will never wrestle in the company again.

Dixie's music plays and she comes down to the ring. She says that people are very excited to have Dixie Carter back in Orlando, and she thanks Sports Illustrated for covering her. Loud AJ chants from the crowd. Dixie says she has to address AJ Styles, and that ever since he has decided to go against her, he is wrestling around the world for minimum wage. She says she feels disdain for AJ, and that he has taking her intellectual property, and that stops today. She says that she has lawyers ready to shut him down, and there are big consequences coming for him.

James Storm's music hits and he comes down to the ring. Storm is holding the bullrope in his hand. He says that he is pretty sure she saw what happened to him last night at the bar. He says that Roode tried to cost him his chance, and that the bullrope is her match, and to him, that rope is not enough. He says he wants to use, tables, chairs, someone's false leg, anything. Since they are back in Orlando, he wants a Florida Deathmatch.

Dixie says she doesn't care what happens in the bar room, and that she can't change the decision. Storm says that he was asked to press charges against Roode, but Storm said he would settle things on Impact. If Dixie does not make the match, Storm is going to call the cops and get Roode arrested. Dixie asks him to not take that tone with her, but loud "Cowboy" chants drone her out. Storm says that the match is what these people want. Storm says that he is going to ask nicely, he calls Dixie ma'am and darling, and asks if she could please give these people the match. Dixie says as long as he calls the cops and tells them there are no problems, he will get the match. He agrees and the match is on for tonight.

Abyss vs Joseph Park and Ken Anderson vs Bully Ray are hyped for tonight.

Magnus's music hits and we are going to get our first World Title Tournament match. Joe's music plays, but he does not appear. A video plays of Joe in the back saying that it is falls count anywhere, and that Magnus needs to get his ass to the back to fight.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Magnus vs Samoa Joe

Magnus heads to the back as we go to our first commercial break.

We come back and Joe is beating on Magnus in the back. He throws Magnus into a wall. We get highlights from the break with Joe beating Magnus all over the back. They are back on the stage and Magnus is stomping away on Joe. Magnus hits a knee on Joe, but Joe peppers him with some rights. Magnus punches Joe down the ramp and back towards ringside. They trade blows and Magnus sends Joe back into the ring.

Magnus goes for an axe handle off the top, but Joe catches him into an inverted atomic drop. Joe hits a single leg kick and a back senton. Joe hits a snap powerslam for a two count. Joe misses a splash in the corner and Magnus hits a Falcon Arrow on Joe for a two count. Magnus picks Joe up and hits a snap suplex and climbs the turnbuckle. Joe stops him and chops him, freezing Magnus on the top rope. Joe climbs the ropes and goes for a superplex, but Magnus knocks him off and hits a diving elbow drop for a two count.

Magnus goes for a cloverleaf, but Joe kicks out of it and catches Magnus with an uranage. Magnus goes to the outside and Joe flies through with a tope elbow. He covers Magnus on the outside for a two count. Magnus pushes Joe into the apron and stalks around the ring and grabs a chair. Maguns sets up the chair into between the turnbuckle and the middle rope. He tries to Irish whip Joe into the chair, but Joe locks in the rear naked choke. Magnus backs up and drives Joe back-first into the apron. Magnus rests over by the chair, which is wedged into the ropes and the turnbuckle. Joe charges in, but Magnus moves and Joe connects face-first with the steel chair. Magnus covers Joe on the outside and gets the three count.

Winner: Magnus

Kaz and Daniels come out to the ring. Kaz says that it is Turning Point, and Bad Influence is here for your viewing pleasure. He says that Joseph Park is going to wrestle his brother Abyss. He says that they are going to watch from ringside, and he gives the fans permission to worship himself and Daniels.

Park comes down, and Park says that he heard what they said, and they should sit down and shut the hell up. Park says this match will quell all the rumors, and that tonight, he is going to prove to the world he is not a loser. If that means getting his butt whopped by his brother, then so be it.

Hemme announces Abyss, and his music plays. Nobody comes out, and Hemme announces Abyss once again and his music starts over. Kaz asks where the monster is? He says that these people came to be entertained, so fatty here better start doing the truffle shuffle. Daniels climbs into the ring and berates Park. He says Park is not a man, but a human waterbead, a bag of mayonnaise with a law degree and a cheap track suit. He says that his brother didn't come out here to wrestle him because he is a failure. He says that Park is an embarrassment to his family, and goads Park into trying to fight Daniels.

Daniels says that he knows what sets him off, blood. Kaz sneaks up behind Park and dumps a bucket of red liquid onto Park. He asks where Abyss is? He calls Park a loser again and demands that he gets out of the ring and out of his sight. Park begins to get out of the ring as Daniels calls him a waste as Park walks to the back. Park turns around, and Kaz continues the verbal assault as Park leaves the arena.

We come back from commerical and Kim and Tapa are in the ring. Kim talks about her open challenge, and asks if anyone thinks she can beat her, then come on down. Candance Larea comes down and the match starts.

Candace Larea vs Gail Kim

Larea hits the ring hard with a serious of forearms. Kim fights back, but Larea hits a head scissors and a sunset flip for a two count. Kim hits a powerbomb for a two count. Kim talks some smack and hits Eat Defeat for the three count.

Winner: Gail Kim

Gail and Tapa celebrate in the ring as she taunts Larea.

We come back from commercial and we get a recap of AJ defending his title in Wrestle-1.

Ken Anderson is in the back and says that Ray is trying to take the most important thing in his life. Tonight, Anderson is going to take the most important thing in his, and Aces and 8's is done tonight.

Gunner approaches Roode and asks if Storm is clear. Storm says that he is ready for tonight, and he is glad that Gunner has his back.

We get a recap of Roode and Storm's feud, going back to last year. There match is up next.

James Storm is already in the ring as we come back from ads and Roode comes out. Storm runs out of the ring and takes Roode out with a kendo stick.

Florida Deathmatch: James Storm vs Robert Roode

Storm beats down Roode and throws him into the steel barricades. Storm gets a full head of steam and hits a clothesline. Roode pushes Storm into the steel post and goes to work. Tenay reminds us that the rules for a Florida Deathmatch is the same as a Last Man Standing Match. Storm reverses an irish whip and sends Roode into the steel steps. He throws Roode into the ring and tosses in a trash can full of weapons.

Storm hits Roode with a crutch and beats him in the corner. Storm hits the ropes, but Roode cuts him off with a trash can lid to the face. Roode grabs the crutch and begins to wail away on Storm. Storm begins to bleed from his forehead. Roode chops away on Storm and uses the crutch again. Storm fights out and hits a big right hand on Roode, who falls down in the corner. Storm sets up the trash can inbetween Roode's legs, and uses a Kendo stick to drive the can into Roode's crotch.

Storm beats down Roode, but Roode catches Storm and beats Storm down. Storm quickly grabs a trash can and nails Roode with the trash can to the head. Storm measures Roode again and destroys him with the trash can. The ref begins to count Roode out, but Roode gets up at 8. Storm goes for the Eye of the Storm onto the trash can, but Roode slips out and hits a big rolling spinebuster onto the trash can.

The reg counts Storm who gets up at 7. Roode nails Storm with the trash can lid, but Storm grabs a lid of his own and they both trade blows with the trash can lid. Both men collapse and the ref counts both men. They get up at 8, and Roode charges over with the crutch, but Storm catches Roode with a superkick. Roode slips out of the ring as the ref keeps counting and he gets up. Roode has a beer bottle as Storm comes over to try and grab Roode, and Roode nails Storm with a beer bottle. The ref gegins to count Storm out, who gets up at nine.

Roode comes over and lays Storm out with a big clothesline. He grabs two chairs and sets them up in the ring, facing each other. Roode hits an elevated fireman's carry onto both of the chairs and Storm is down. The ref starts to count Storm out, but again Storm gets up at nine. Roode beings to tee off with the crutch on Storm as Roode is obviously very upset with Storm. The crowd gets behind Storm, as Roode goes to the outside and grabs a board with barbed wire attached to it.

Roode grabs Storm and drags him over to the board. Roode gets Storm up for a second standing firemans carry, this time onto the board with barbed wire, but Gunner runs down to the ring and throws in a towel. The bell sounds and Roode is declared the winner.

Winner: Bobby Roode

After the match, Storm is up in the ring and he is really upset with Gunner. The announcers defend Gunner doing the right thing, protecting his partner. Gunner tries to take Storm's hand, but Storm isn't having any of it. Storm walks away still upset and Gunner follows him out of the ring.

The semi-finals for the World Title Tournament will be Robert Roode vs Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle vs Magnus.

We get a video highlight from Impact 365 with Hemme interviewing Sam Shaw, who is surprisingly still employed by TNA. He shows us some of his artwork and drawings and they announce the cut to the segment. After the cameras stop "rolling" Shaw asks Hemme out and he gets her number.

In the back, EC3 is talking to Dewey and Norv. EC3 says that he brought them down to Florida, but he has already beaten them so many times, it would be overkill to beat them. Tonight he faces a returning legend.

JB is in the back trying to interview Bully, but Knux shows up and gives the mic to Brooke. Brooke interviews Bully, and Bully talks about how ungrateful Anderson is to Bully. Bully made him, and he should be calling him god. He says that he is going to take care of Anderson, and he is going to take care of Anderson's pregnant wife.

We come back from a commercial break and Kurt Angle is being interviewed in the back and says that he is looking forward to Magnus. Some guy comes in and and says that Dixie wants to see Kurt right now.

Ethan Carter III comes out. He has a microphone and he says it is time to raise his level of competition. Tonight, he faces a TNA legend. Shark Boy's music hits and he comes out.

Ethan Carter III vs Shark Boy

The bell rings and Carter nails Shark Boy with a right hand. Shark Boy bounces back up and takes it to Carter. Carter gets out of the ring, but Shark Boy catches him coming back into the ring. He hits the 10 punches in the corner and goes for an atomic drop. Carter counters it into some weird move that he bothches a little bit. He hits the 1 percenter for the three count.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

We get a video recap of Anderson and Bully Ray's relationship within Aces & 8s. Their match is next as we go to commercial.

We come back and Angle and Roode are in Dixie's office. Dixie comes in and says that next week, they are going to have a special Thanksgiving Impact, and they are going to main event. They are going to each assemble a team of 4 men, and have an elimination tag team match.

Bully is out for his match, with Brooke who is unfortunately wearing pants tonight. Anderson follows him and the match is on. If Anderson wins, Aces and 8s must disband, if Ray wins, Anderson must leave TNA. We get the introductions from JB, but during them, Angle, Roode, Kaz and others come out to watch from the stage.

No Disqualification Match: Ken Anderson vs Bully Ray

Anderson interrupts his intro and spears Bully. He grabs the mic and does his whole "Anderson!" bit. He hits a low blow on Bully and he goes outside of the ring to recover with Brooke. Anderson chases Bully around the ring, but uses Brooke as a shield. He throws Brooke towards Anderson, and hits Anderson with a right hand. He throws Anderson off of the steel steps and rakes his eyes. Ray beats down Anderson on the outside and goes under the ring and grabs a table. Bully puts the table in the ring and we go to commercial.

We come back Ray hits a scoop slam on Anderson. The table is set up in the corner of the ring. They trade blows and Bully connects with a boot to the face which takes down Anderson. He slaps Anderson in the corner and taunts the crowd. Ray talks trash to Anderson, who slaps Bully. Bully hits the ropes and hits a big splash in the the corner. He grabs his biker chain and whips Anderson in the back with the chain. Bully wraps the chain around his elbow, but misses the elbow drop.

Anderson gets up and grabs the chain and beings to whip Ray. Bully tries to beg off Anderson, Anderson goes to hit Bully again, but Ray connects with a big uranage. They go to the outside and Bully exposes the concrete floor. He goes for the piledriver, but Anderson counters with a back-body-drop. Anderson goes for a piledriver of his own, but Knux comes over and saces Anderson. They brawl, and Anderson tosses Knux into the steel steps. Anderson exposes another part of the concrete floor and hits a piledriver, but he misses the floor and Knux's head lands on the mat.

Bully comes over and nails Anderson from behind. He throws Anderson into the ring, and climbs the turnbuckle. Anderson hits him with a low blow and hits a steamroller. He goes for the mic check, but Bully slips out and spears Anderson through the table in the corner. He covers Anderson, but only gets two count. Brooke runs over to Tazz, who hands Brooke a hammer. Brooke runs towards the ring, but makes like Eli Manning and overthrows the hammer to Bully. The hammer lands in Anderson's hands, who nails Bully with the hammer and hits the mic check for the three count.

Winner: Ken Anderson

Anderson removes Bully's vest, and Angle and Joe come over to Tazz and make him take off his vest. Impact goes off the air with everyone celebrating the end of Aces & 8s.

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