Impact Wrestling Results With Video: Anderson VS Bully Ray, Roode VS Storm, More

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Tonight is TNA's Turning Point TV Special. The show opens with Robert Roode beating up James Storm in an actual bar room. Roode beats down Roode and talks smack to him about there bullrope match tonight.

We get a video package hyping Turning Point, the World Title Tournament matches for tonight and Ken Anderson vs Bully Ray for the future of Anderson and Aces and 8s.

Dixie is talking in the back to Samoa Joe. She says that she watched the show last week, over and over again, so she can be the best she can be. She says that her performance was outstanding, and Joe's was not. She says that if Joe ever takes that tone again with her, he will end up just like AJ Styles. She says if he wins the world title, he will never have his unification match, and that AJ will never wrestle in the company again.

Dixie's music plays and she comes down to the ring. She says that people are very excited to have Dixie Carter back in Orlando, and she thanks Sports Illustrated for covering her. Loud AJ chants from the crowd. Dixie says she has to address AJ Styles, and that ever since he has decided to go against her, he is wrestling around the world for minimum wage. She says she feels disdain for AJ, and that he has taking her intellectual property, and that stops today. She says that she has lawyers ready to shut him down, and there are big consequences coming for him.

James Storm's music hits and he comes down to the ring. Storm is holding the bullrope in his hand. He says that he is pretty sure she saw what happened to him last night at the bar. He says that Roode tried to cost him his chance, and that the bullrope is her match, and to him, that rope is not enough. He says he wants to use, tables, chairs, someone's false leg, anything. Since they are back in Orlando, he wants a Florida Deathmatch.

Dixie says she doesn't care what happens in the bar room, and that she can't change the decision. Storm says that he was asked to press charges against Roode, but Storm said he would settle things on Impact. If Dixie does not make the match, Storm is going to call the cops and get Roode arrested. Dixie asks him to not take that tone with her, but loud "Cowboy" chants drone her out. Storm says that the match is what these people want. Storm says that he is going to ask nicely, he calls Dixie ma'am and darling, and asks if she could please give these people the match. Dixie says as long as he calls the cops and tells them there are no problems, he will get the match. He agrees and the match is on for tonight.

Abyss vs Joseph Park and Ken Anderson vs Bully Ray are hyped for tonight.

Magnus's music hits and we are going to get our first World Title Tournament match. Joe's music plays, but he does not appear. A video plays of Joe in the back saying that it is falls count anywhere, and that Magnus needs to get his ass to the back to fight.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Magnus vs Samoa Joe

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