Impact Wrestling Results With Video: Anderson VS Bully Ray, Roode VS Storm, More

Magnus heads to the back as we go to our first commercial break.

We come back and Joe is beating on Magnus in the back. He throws Magnus into a wall. We get highlights from the break with Joe beating Magnus all over the back. They are back on the stage and Magnus is stomping away on Joe. Magnus hits a knee on Joe, but Joe peppers him with some rights. Magnus punches Joe down the ramp and back towards ringside. They trade blows and Magnus sends Joe back into the ring.

Magnus goes for an axe handle off the top, but Joe catches him into an inverted atomic drop. Joe hits a single leg kick and a back senton. Joe hits a snap powerslam for a two count. Joe misses a splash in the corner and Magnus hits a Falcon Arrow on Joe for a two count. Magnus picks Joe up and hits a snap suplex and climbs the turnbuckle. Joe stops him and chops him, freezing Magnus on the top rope. Joe climbs the ropes and goes for a superplex, but Magnus knocks him off and hits a diving elbow drop for a two count.

Magnus goes for a cloverleaf, but Joe kicks out of it and catches Magnus with an uranage. Magnus goes to the outside and Joe flies through with a tope elbow. He covers Magnus on the outside for a two count. Magnus pushes Joe into the apron and stalks around the ring and grabs a chair. Maguns sets up the chair into between the turnbuckle and the middle rope. He tries to Irish whip Joe into the chair, but Joe locks in the rear naked choke. Magnus backs up and drives Joe back-first into the apron. Magnus rests over by the chair, which is wedged into the ropes and the turnbuckle. Joe charges in, but Magnus moves and Joe connects face-first with the steel chair. Magnus covers Joe on the outside and gets the three count.

Winner: Magnus

Kaz and Daniels come out to the ring. Kaz says that it is Turning Point, and Bad Influence is here for your viewing pleasure. He says that Joseph Park is going to wrestle his brother Abyss. He says that they are going to watch from ringside, and he gives the fans permission to worship himself and Daniels.

Park comes down, and Park says that he heard what they said, and they should sit down and shut the hell up. Park says this match will quell all the rumors, and that tonight, he is going to prove to the world he is not a loser. If that means getting his butt whopped by his brother, then so be it.

Hemme announces Abyss, and his music plays. Nobody comes out, and Hemme announces Abyss once again and his music starts over. Kaz asks where the monster is? He says that these people came to be entertained, so fatty here better start doing the truffle shuffle. Daniels climbs into the ring and berates Park. He says Park is not a man, but a human waterbead, a bag of mayonnaise with a law degree and a cheap track suit. He says that his brother didn't come out here to wrestle him because he is a failure. He says that Park is an embarrassment to his family, and goads Park into trying to fight Daniels.

Daniels says that he knows what sets him off, blood. Kaz sneaks up behind Park and dumps a bucket of red liquid onto Park. He asks where Abyss is? He calls Park a loser again and demands that he gets out of the ring and out of his sight. Park begins to get out of the ring as Daniels calls him a waste as Park walks to the back. Park turns around, and Kaz continues the verbal assault as Park leaves the arena.

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