Impact Wrestling Results With Video: Anderson VS Bully Ray, Roode VS Storm, More

We come back from commerical and Kim and Tapa are in the ring. Kim talks about her open challenge, and asks if anyone thinks she can beat her, then come on down. Candance Larea comes down and the match starts.

Candace Larea vs Gail Kim

Larea hits the ring hard with a serious of forearms. Kim fights back, but Larea hits a head scissors and a sunset flip for a two count. Kim hits a powerbomb for a two count. Kim talks some smack and hits Eat Defeat for the three count.

Winner: Gail Kim

Gail and Tapa celebrate in the ring as she taunts Larea.

We come back from commercial and we get a recap of AJ defending his title in Wrestle-1.

Ken Anderson is in the back and says that Ray is trying to take the most important thing in his life. Tonight, Anderson is going to take the most important thing in his, and Aces and 8's is done tonight.

Gunner approaches Roode and asks if Storm is clear. Storm says that he is ready for tonight, and he is glad that Gunner has his back.

We get a recap of Roode and Storm's feud, going back to last year. There match is up next.

James Storm is already in the ring as we come back from ads and Roode comes out. Storm runs out of the ring and takes Roode out with a kendo stick.

Florida Deathmatch: James Storm vs Robert Roode

Storm beats down Roode and throws him into the steel barricades. Storm gets a full head of steam and hits a clothesline. Roode pushes Storm into the steel post and goes to work. Tenay reminds us that the rules for a Florida Deathmatch is the same as a Last Man Standing Match. Storm reverses an irish whip and sends Roode into the steel steps. He throws Roode into the ring and tosses in a trash can full of weapons.

Storm hits Roode with a crutch and beats him in the corner. Storm hits the ropes, but Roode cuts him off with a trash can lid to the face. Roode grabs the crutch and begins to wail away on Storm. Storm begins to bleed from his forehead. Roode chops away on Storm and uses the crutch again. Storm fights out and hits a big right hand on Roode, who falls down in the corner. Storm sets up the trash can inbetween Roode's legs, and uses a Kendo stick to drive the can into Roode's crotch.

Storm beats down Roode, but Roode catches Storm and beats Storm down. Storm quickly grabs a trash can and nails Roode with the trash can to the head. Storm measures Roode again and destroys him with the trash can. The ref begins to count Roode out, but Roode gets up at 8. Storm goes for the Eye of the Storm onto the trash can, but Roode slips out and hits a big rolling spinebuster onto the trash can.

The reg counts Storm who gets up at 7. Roode nails Storm with the trash can lid, but Storm grabs a lid of his own and they both trade blows with the trash can lid. Both men collapse and the ref counts both men. They get up at 8, and Roode charges over with the crutch, but Storm catches Roode with a superkick. Roode slips out of the ring as the ref keeps counting and he gets up. Roode has a beer bottle as Storm comes over to try and grab Roode, and Roode nails Storm with a beer bottle. The ref gegins to count Storm out, who gets up at nine.

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