Impact Wrestling Results With Video: Anderson VS Bully Ray, Roode VS Storm, More

Roode comes over and lays Storm out with a big clothesline. He grabs two chairs and sets them up in the ring, facing each other. Roode hits an elevated fireman's carry onto both of the chairs and Storm is down. The ref starts to count Storm out, but again Storm gets up at nine. Roode beings to tee off with the crutch on Storm as Roode is obviously very upset with Storm. The crowd gets behind Storm, as Roode goes to the outside and grabs a board with barbed wire attached to it.

Roode grabs Storm and drags him over to the board. Roode gets Storm up for a second standing firemans carry, this time onto the board with barbed wire, but Gunner runs down to the ring and throws in a towel. The bell sounds and Roode is declared the winner.

Winner: Bobby Roode

After the match, Storm is up in the ring and he is really upset with Gunner. The announcers defend Gunner doing the right thing, protecting his partner. Gunner tries to take Storm's hand, but Storm isn't having any of it. Storm walks away still upset and Gunner follows him out of the ring.

The semi-finals for the World Title Tournament will be Robert Roode vs Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle vs Magnus.

We get a video highlight from Impact 365 with Hemme interviewing Sam Shaw, who is surprisingly still employed by TNA. He shows us some of his artwork and drawings and they announce the cut to the segment. After the cameras stop "rolling" Shaw asks Hemme out and he gets her number.

In the back, EC3 is talking to Dewey and Norv. EC3 says that he brought them down to Florida, but he has already beaten them so many times, it would be overkill to beat them. Tonight he faces a returning legend.

JB is in the back trying to interview Bully, but Knux shows up and gives the mic to Brooke. Brooke interviews Bully, and Bully talks about how ungrateful Anderson is to Bully. Bully made him, and he should be calling him god. He says that he is going to take care of Anderson, and he is going to take care of Anderson's pregnant wife.

We come back from a commercial break and Kurt Angle is being interviewed in the back and says that he is looking forward to Magnus. Some guy comes in and and says that Dixie wants to see Kurt right now.

Ethan Carter III comes out. He has a microphone and he says it is time to raise his level of competition. Tonight, he faces a TNA legend. Shark Boy's music hits and he comes out.

Ethan Carter III vs Shark Boy

The bell rings and Carter nails Shark Boy with a right hand. Shark Boy bounces back up and takes it to Carter. Carter gets out of the ring, but Shark Boy catches him coming back into the ring. He hits the 10 punches in the corner and goes for an atomic drop. Carter counters it into some weird move that he bothches a little bit. He hits the 1 percenter for the three count.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

We get a video recap of Anderson and Bully Ray's relationship within Aces & 8s. Their match is next as we go to commercial.

We come back and Angle and Roode are in Dixie's office. Dixie comes in and says that next week, they are going to have a special Thanksgiving Impact, and they are going to main event. They are going to each assemble a team of 4 men, and have an elimination tag team match.

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