Impact Wrestling Results With Video: Anderson VS Bully Ray, Roode VS Storm, More

Bully is out for his match, with Brooke who is unfortunately wearing pants tonight. Anderson follows him and the match is on. If Anderson wins, Aces and 8s must disband, if Ray wins, Anderson must leave TNA. We get the introductions from JB, but during them, Angle, Roode, Kaz and others come out to watch from the stage.

No Disqualification Match: Ken Anderson vs Bully Ray

Anderson interrupts his intro and spears Bully. He grabs the mic and does his whole "Anderson!" bit. He hits a low blow on Bully and he goes outside of the ring to recover with Brooke. Anderson chases Bully around the ring, but uses Brooke as a shield. He throws Brooke towards Anderson, and hits Anderson with a right hand. He throws Anderson off of the steel steps and rakes his eyes. Ray beats down Anderson on the outside and goes under the ring and grabs a table. Bully puts the table in the ring and we go to commercial.

We come back Ray hits a scoop slam on Anderson. The table is set up in the corner of the ring. They trade blows and Bully connects with a boot to the face which takes down Anderson. He slaps Anderson in the corner and taunts the crowd. Ray talks trash to Anderson, who slaps Bully. Bully hits the ropes and hits a big splash in the the corner. He grabs his biker chain and whips Anderson in the back with the chain. Bully wraps the chain around his elbow, but misses the elbow drop.

Anderson gets up and grabs the chain and beings to whip Ray. Bully tries to beg off Anderson, Anderson goes to hit Bully again, but Ray connects with a big uranage. They go to the outside and Bully exposes the concrete floor. He goes for the piledriver, but Anderson counters with a back-body-drop. Anderson goes for a piledriver of his own, but Knux comes over and saces Anderson. They brawl, and Anderson tosses Knux into the steel steps. Anderson exposes another part of the concrete floor and hits a piledriver, but he misses the floor and Knux's head lands on the mat.

Bully comes over and nails Anderson from behind. He throws Anderson into the ring, and climbs the turnbuckle. Anderson hits him with a low blow and hits a steamroller. He goes for the mic check, but Bully slips out and spears Anderson through the table in the corner. He covers Anderson, but only gets two count. Brooke runs over to Tazz, who hands Brooke a hammer. Brooke runs towards the ring, but makes like Eli Manning and overthrows the hammer to Bully. The hammer lands in Anderson's hands, who nails Bully with the hammer and hits the mic check for the three count.

Winner: Ken Anderson

Anderson removes Bully's vest, and Angle and Joe come over to Tazz and make him take off his vest. Impact goes off the air with everyone celebrating the end of Aces & 8s.

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