WWE Smackdown Recap: Harper Vs. Bryan, Ryback Open Challenge, Tag Titles Defended, More

Bryan charges and Harper counters into a huge sit out body slam. Harper tosses Bryan in the corner and slaps him. He whips Bryan into another corner and Bryan flips over him. Bryan hits a clothesline and then multiple body kicks. He goes for another kick, and Harper counters into a power bomb. Harper sets him against the ropes and kicks his face. Harper does his gator death roll. He keeps Bryan's head locked in. Bryan gets to his feet, but Harper does another gator death roll.

Harper locks in Bryan's waist. Bryan fights out via a kick to the head. Harper charges Bryan against the ropes. Bryan pulls the ropes down, sending Harper outside. Bryan hits Harper with a dive. Bryan stares Bray down. He approaches Bray, and Harper attacks him from behind. CM Punk's music hits and he comes out on the ramp. Back in the ring, Daniel Bryan rolls up Harper for the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Harper attacks Bryan. Punk runs down to the ring and Rowan and Bray double team him. They send Punk inside and Harper hits him with the discus clothesline. Harper and Rowan hold up Bryan and Bray hits him with Sister Abigail. The Wyatts pose over Punk and Bryan to end the show.

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