WWE Survivor Series Results: Cena And Orton Face Off, Big Return, More

Tamina comes in with headbutts on Nikki. She knocks Natalya off the apron after working Nikki over. Tamina goes back to Nikki and beats her down in the corner. Tamina with a suplex and a hard whip into the corner. Nikki comes back with a botched enziguri. Nikki goes for a tag but Natalya is down on the floor and she is hesitant to tag in Jo Jo but does. Tamina laughs as Jo Jo enters the ring. Tamina shoves her to the mat and taunts her. AJ smiles as Tamina bullies Jo Jo. Tamina runs into boots in the corner. Jo Jo comes off the top but Tamina catches her. Jo Jo counters and rolls Tamina up for 2. Tamina comes back and drops Jo Jo. Tamina with a Samoan Drop. She tags in AJ, who skips around the ring to a pop. AJ covers for the pin. Jo Jo is eliminated.

Natalya comes in and goes at it with Tamina, who tagged in. Tamina takes control and slams Natalya before going to the top. Natalya rolls out of the way of a Superfly Splash. Natalya makes Tamina submit with the Sharpshooter. Tamina is eliminated. AJ runs right in and breaks the hold by hitting AJ. Cole keeps saying these are the last two but Nikki hasn't been eliminated yet. They go at it until Natalya gets the win via Sharpshooter. Nikki runs in the ring to celebrate but the announcers keep referring to Natalya being the winner and she is announced as the only winner.

Winner: Natalya

- We go backstage and Randy Orton tries bullying referee Charles Robinson into calling things in his favor later tonight. Robinson says he's going to do what The Authority said and walks off.

- We go back to our Hall of Fame panel to discuss what's happened so far. They all get introduced to big pops from the crowd.

- Before the Hall of Famers can speak about the pay-per-view, Ryback's music hits and out he comes to the stage. He rips the Hall of Famers and calls them cowards. Ryback heads to the ring and issues an open challenge as fans start the Goldberg chants. Ryback talks about how he's bigger and badder. He tells someone to come out and prove him wrong. Out comes Mark Henry to a big pop with his new look.

Ryback vs. Mark Henry

The bell rings and Ryback takes Henry to the corner. They break and Ryback runs his mouth. Henry shoves Ryback back into the ropes and tells him to bring it. Ryback with offense until Henry drops him with a big shoulder. Henry scoops Ryback for a slam but Ryback slides out and takes Henry down by his knee. Ryback with a splash and a 2 count.

Ryback with a suplex on Henry as the Goldberg chants start again. Ryback charges in the corner but Henry moves and Ryback hits the ring post, falling out to the floor. Henry comes back and charges into Ryback with a headbutt for a 2 count. Ryback goes back to work on Henry's knee. Henry comes back with a powerslam. Ryback blocks a World's Strongest Slam and nails a spinebuster. Henry blocks a Meathook clothesline with a big splash, almost a crossbody. Henry came off his feet there. Henry nails a World's Strongest Slam for the win.

Winner: Mark Henry

- We go to the Hall of Fame panel to discuss tonight's World Heavyweight Title match. They also air a promo video for the match.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

We see a trainer backstage looking at John Cena's injured arm as Alberto Del Rio makes his way out waving a Mexican flag. Out next comes World Heavyweight Champion John Cena to a big hometown pop. Lilian Garcia does official ring introductions and Cena gets the pop again.

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