Total Divas Recap: Ariane Goes To Sex Therapy, Brie Feels Distant From Bryan, More

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The show opens up with a recap of what happened last week on the show. Then, Nikki is shown driving to think about the cohabitation agreement. She stops and calls Brie and reads her portions of the agreement. Brie calls it weird and crazy. She says that Bryan would never do that to her. Nikki says that she doesn't understand or know what to feel about it. She says that it makes her second guess the relationship a bit.

Then, things head to Ariane's apartment. She brings Vincent a cup of water and then goes to bed. He follows her wanting sex because they haven't had it in a long time. She says that they haven't done it because of the illness she got in the first half of the season.

Next, Nikki is shown. She checked into a hotel to think while not being around John. She calls her mom on the phone and reads her parts of the agreement. Nikki's mom asks if she has felt like a guest or if it's felt like a home. Nikki says that it's felt like a home, and her mom says that it's probably just because of the stuff that John has been through in the past.

Brie and Bryan are shown arriving at an arena. Bryan signs autographs. Then, Natayla is backstage with Ariana and Eva Marie and they try to get her to twerk. Clips from RAW are shown next from Daniel Bryan's entrance.

Then, Ariane and Trinity are shown getting ready backstage. Trinity tells Ariane that she needs to get it on with Vincent, and Ariane talks about how it's painful. She says she's not a sexual person, but Vincent must be getting frustrated. Trinity tells her she shouldn't go more than two days without having sex. Then, clips from a Funkadactyls match are shown.

The show heads to Orlando, and TJ is shown training. Eva Marie asks him for pointers because of how he's helped train Natalya. Natalya comes in and watches them train. She doesn't know what to think because it's out of the ordinary.

Back from commercial and Nattie calls TJ over to talk to her. She asks to see what they learned. She says that she isn't okay with her training with him because it's part of the reason they fell in love. TJ tells her about how Eva wants to train with him because of the fact that she wants to be like Nattie.

Then, Ariane is shown going to a gynecologist. She wants to know why sex has been painful. The doctor gives her an exam and then gives her an ultrasound. The doctor says that Ariane's lady parts look healthy and sometimes it's normal to have painful sex or periods and not have endometriosis. Ariane asks about sex therapy and the doctor recommends it.

TJ and Nattie are in their home. TJ wants to go to the performance center and train with Eva. Nattie gets mad and says that she will just go work out by herself.

The show heads to Phoenix. Brie is walking her dog. Bryan calls her on the phone and says that he can't make it to their meeting because he has to do media interviews. Brie is bummed out because she really wants to see him.

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